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The Company – Dev Build –
  • Loading a game past December 31st will roll the save back to December 31st
  • The Christmas Event should now properly load when selecting options other than Chris
  • Penny’s “Dating” condition has been changed. You now need to have visited her apartment at least once to be considered dating
  • Tasha’s “Dating” condition has been changed. You now need to have dosed her to meet you in your lab with some some extra attention to be considered dating
  • Sophie’s “Dating” condition remains the same, requiring you to be on her casual/romance path as far as it can currently go
  • Permanent Sissy/Bimbo transformation now correctly checks to make sure you’re already a Sissy/Bimbo before locking you into that state
  • Random event chance has been increased from 50% to 65% to compensate for removal of random conversations
  • Fixed wardrobe menu on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue allowing you to dose Jag with TFM1 infinitely
  • Fixed issue preventing Dom John route from progressing in Free Play
  • Fixed various issues with the front desk scenes
  • Fixed various issues with John’s ISS routing
  • Fixed issues with Ava’s ISS routing
  • Fixed macro errors during Sophie’s office sex scene
  • Fixed broken images with Ava
  • Fixed major issue with <StraponOrCock> macro leading to some weird recognition of anatomy
  • Fixed several macro errors and typos
Coming Soon to Dev Build…
  • Add new story content
  • Add contest winner events

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