Dev Blog #134 – Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?

Greetings everyone!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper devblog, and I happen to have a couple things to talk about, so let’s just jump right in!

Update 4.3 – Chapter 4 Conclusion

Those playing the dev build have already had the opportunity to see big Chapter 4 conclusion and, as far as story beats go, it’s a doozy. I won’t spoil, and I hope no one else will either, but I think it’ll become pretty clear why we had to get Free Play implemented as a mechanic before finishing up the penultimate chapter of The Company!

In addition to wrapping up the story, we’re also address a wide array of bugs, making some tuning adjustments, and of course adding in the contest winning “Ava’s Bathroom Surprise” and “John’s Bathroom Train” submitted by the community. They turned out pretty great, and I’m excited for everyone to get to experience them. Also, as an added bonus that online-players are already enjoying, Update 4.3 will come packed with a bunch of updated media files!

Finally, and this is VERY unusual for me to do, I would like to announce that beyond some kind of divine intervention, Update 4.3 will be releasing February 24th to backers! Like, that’s it, locked in, that’s the release date.

Now I’d like to look ahead a little further…

Update 5.0 – Finishing Off Ava

I’m happy to announce that the first updates in the Update 5 development cycle will be completing Ava’s content!

This means a few things. For starters, since I’ve this get requested once or twice, we’ll be finishing Ava’s MCSX routes. That means adding in the Broken Home (sub), Ava’s Bride (dom), Mommy Bride (possible dom), Tightest Family (mutual), and Maniacal Matriarch (dom) endings for Ava. We’ll also be taking a look at her existing MCSX ending, wherein she’s sold to The Company, and both ensure that it’s working correctly as well as expand on its impact on the game after that point. Crazy that Ava and Julia never meet, huh?

This update will also see us going through all the existing baseline content (random events, kitchen/livingroom/bedroom scenes, etc.) and making sure they account for all appropriate serum states, making dialogue and mechanic changes where we can. Expect a lot of dev builds starting with this update!

Update 5.0 specifically will be implementing Ava’s “slutty” content, the route that unlocks after making her feel aroused whenever you’re nearby, meaning we’ll be adding the Broken Home and Ava’s Bride endings with this update, as well as expanding on her Sell to Company ending. Future 5.0 updates will see the more “loving” side of Ava further explored until her entire planned content tree is filled out.

Lastly, since these next few updates will be focusing on home content, expect there to be a number of basic updates made regarding at-home gameplay. I don’t have any specifics to share at the moment, but things like cleaning up the bedroom UI, tightening up Ava and Dakota’s location schedules, etc.

I would expect to start seeing Update 5 dev builds dropping right around the beginning of March!

Rumblings in the Dark

Dig the new banner?

There have been some interesting things popping up over on the official Discord server. New emojis, a neat screenshot in the #live-development channel. After a couple false starts and mountains of mismanagement, pastures of poor planning, I’m pleased to finally be able to announce…


Keep an eye on Discord over the next couple of months where I’m known to get a little sloshed and accidentally post things Haseo wouldn’t approve of, at least until I’m allowed to formally announce “something”!

And that’s it for this week! Update 4.3 Release Notes will be posted next week, with the update itself dropping the following week for backers and some time after that for everyone else. As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!


3 Comments on “Dev Blog #134 – Mommy? Sorry. Mommy?

  1. While you are fixing things with Ava you may wish to fix the issue where after Ava destroys all of your male clothes forcing you to wear women’s clothes instead she will still act and speak like it is the MC’s choice to wear women’s clothing the next time you spend time with her in the kitchen with Dakota being there. Also if possible please make it so that each character has a possibility to put the MC into chastity either through a random encounter or a series of them if progressed through far enough will cause it. So far I’ve only been able to get put into chastity by Tasha on accident or Mrs Dee by being a sissy during the business trip. Maybe make it so that before destroying the clothes of the MC Ava will lock the MC into chastity each day either before or after sex, if before then the MC can realize he has been locked away when Ava tells him that she locked him up since he won’t be needing his penis as her girl or she can lock him up while forcing her cock into his mouth.

  2. Speaking of fixing Ava, I noticed during the Thanksgiving event if futa Ava creampies Elsa there is no pregnancy check. Elsa does have a pregnancy check if the player creampies her later on, so I feel like this needs a continuity fix.

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