The Company – Update 4.3 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 4.3

Update Summary

Update 4.3 concludes the Chapter 4 storyline! Additionally, several fixes and some new improvements and events have been added to the game

General Updates
  • Loading a game past December 31st will roll the save back to December 31st
  • MCSX now unlocks on February 1st in Story Mode
  • Penny’s “Dating” condition has been changed. You now need to have visited her apartment at least once to be considered dating
  • Tasha’s “Dating” condition has been changed. You now need to have dosed her to meet you in your lab with some some extra attention to be considered dating
  • Sophie’s “Dating” condition remains the same, requiring you to be on her casual/romance path as far as it can currently go
  • Added community Ava’s Bathroom Surprise event, requiring Ava to be equipped with the Strange Strapon and on her dom route
  • Added community John’s Bathroom Train event, requiring player to be on Dom
    John route with Tasha having turned on the MC
System Updates
  • Added a failsafe that ensures if at any point MCS-3 is unlocked, MCS-2 will unlock as well
  • Random event chance has been increased from 50% to 65% to compensate for removal of random conversations
  • Permanent Sissy/Bimbo transformation now correctly checks to make sure you’re already a Sissy/Bimbo before locking you into that state
  • Fixed the Christmas event. Honest
  • Fixed backend issue to avoid any potential link errors on title screen
  • Fixed issue allowing player to skip the Christmas Eve Guest Selection event
  • Fixed wardrobe menu on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue allowing you to dose Jag with TFM1 infinitely
  • Fixed issue preventing Dom John route from progressing in Free Play
  • Fixed various issues with the front desk scenes
  • Fixed various issues with John’s ISS routing
  • Fixed issues with Ava’s ISS routing
  • Fixed macro errors during Sophie’s office sex scene
  • Fixed broken images with Ava
  • Fixed major issue with¬†<StraponOrCock>¬†macro leading to some weird recognition of anatomy
  • Fixed several macro errors and typos

15 Comments on “The Company – Update 4.3 – Release Notes

  1. I don’t see it mentioned in the patch notes, so figured it’s worth a mention — subject training dlg functions are called on a copy of the object, which means their changes to subject’s fear, respect and libido have no real effect.

    Consider passing $ as argument instead of $subject it does currently, then do

    var s = variables().pitSlaves[id];

    at the start of the function. This will produce intended behavior with minimal code changes.

  2. Long, long time player – First time commenter:
    Are we ever going to see an update to the ‘paper-doll’ and more dress-up choices?
    I even preferred the original to the one currently in the game.

    • Hey there!

      An update to the paperdoll system is actually planned, though there’s not currently a timeline for it. Stay tuned for some news that I think you might find interesting in the near future!

  3. I see that the permanent transformation was fixed to check and make sure you’re in the correct state before locking in but it seems that after having done the bit in Chapter 3 it locked the character into the normal “male” state with no dream changes popping up at all, even into January. Might be a goof on my end but figured since it was listed as a fix I should let you know.

    Anyway love the game, cheers!

  4. I have been a long time fan of your game and enjoy to play it every so often after you update. I know it is a lot to create new paths, but considering how intelligent Penny is it would be intriguing if she started figuring out what was happening to her and was able to reverse it/start to use it on you if you are mean to her or go too far before mcs-2. If you don’t use it on her quick enough, it would also be interesting to see her experiment on other people or you. She acts according to the storyline, but she is a scientist by her own right; in turn, her changing people as well would create interesting dynamics.

    The MC transformation elements are a bit slow, and it would be interesting if makeup and clothes were more of an event, like penny,your stepsister, or your stepmother take you to store to get you clothes or makeup. If you aren’t wearing certain clothes as instructed, then you could get punished in some manner financially, sexually, or otherwise. It would also be interesting if your long hair could be styled at the equivalence of a beauty salon or peircings at a tatoo parlor, which would open up lazer hair removal and all kinds of other elements. The domme paths of penny, sophie, stepmother, and stepsister would benefit from additional places and from more equivalence of TPE.

    Obviously the game is still progressing which is one of the reasons I like it so much. The more branch points of possible paths that the mcs can cause will make it even more fun, but I imagine will take quite a bit of time. This is different from a lot of games on the site and I love the scientific twist on it. I’m a chemist myself, so adding the different compounds was clever. Figuring out the different components could also almost be a mini game and you would have to have read or studied something to know how to pass it.

    • Two attempts I made ended up on January 26th, so I guess not. In the first, dom John (but not with most of the girls under his thumb) betrayed me. In the second, bimbo Julia did it, with Chanel and most of the office under my thumb, though I ended up as a sissy in that one.

      • That tracks with what I got. Annoyingly, you can then make MCS-X in Free Play, but the game insists that you haven’t when you try to use it on people.

  5. Hmm. I made it through X-mas, but neither Penny nor Tasha stayed for dinner/next day. Both were at least friendly with Penny having 50+ in both affection and corruption. Am I missing something? Thanks.

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