Discord Server Update

Greetings everyone.

It’s been about 36 hours since the official The Company Discord server was compromised, and I’m here to give an update.

First and foremost, all measures have been taken to confirm and ensure that no other accounts have been compromised. This includes the admin accounts for the official website, the Patreon account, and all development accounts. This also means that, despite how infuriating the loss of the Discord server was, there will be no impact to development or update release. Update 4.3 is still dropping on February 24th!

That being said… I’ve received confirmation that the original Discord server has been completely nuked. Even if I were to get the keys to my account back (currently stuck in Discord Support Hell…) we still wouldn’t have a home to go back to. We’re starting a new server, and I’ll have a link further down in the post. Sadly, there will be a lot of rebuilding to do, but I hope we can come back stronger than ever!

To my knowledge, my hijacked account is still out there running amok. If anyone receives PM’s from me hocking software, please report the user to Discord. If anyone sees that account running around on other servers causing trouble, please report the user to Discord. The real Westane account is Westane#3208, and is currently using my old Monokuma avatar. For the time being, I am not sending or responding to PMs in Discord, so if you get one from me, flag it as unusual behavior and use caution!

Lastly, Discord roles as Patreon tier rewards are temporarily disabled. Expect to see them back in the future. I’m also still working to remove old Discord links from other websites and the game itself.

This is pretty terrible situation for everyone involved, but I’m confident we can bounce back from it. When and if the issue does fully resolve itself I will provide a final update on the matter. Until then, it’s business as usual in terms of development and we’ll be working to fill out the new Discord server over the next few days.

On that note, you can access our new home HERE!

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  1. Hey, discord channel has vanished again? or is it for me only. Anyways can I please get NEW discord link cauze all the links on the website are expired

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