Dev Blog #401 – Update 6.0 Preview

Greetings everyone!

While we’re still knee-deep in Update 5.0 development, I wanted to take some time to talk about the long term endgame for The Company, and what you can expect when we start moving forward. With that, let’s jump right in!

What Is Update 6.0?

Starting with Update 6.0, The Company will see its final chapter’s completion, thus wrapping up the main story. During this development cycle, we will also start adding proper epilogues to the game, recognizing all the deeds (decent and dastardly), doses and daytrips you put into the game and giving you one of multiple ending variations in return. While this is all pretty well documented, what hasn’t been shared yet is development of a proper Post Game!

Rather than drone on about what’s coming down the pipe, I tend to find it easier to organize my thoughts via bulletpoints, so here we go!

Update 6.0 – Preliminary Update Notes

Story Content

  • Chapter 5 will be added to Update 6.0, allowing players to finish the main story, enjoy curated epilogues, and transition into the Post Game
  • See how the story following the crazy events of Chapter 4 resolve themselves, with each potential traitor getting their own spin on the ending
  • The Company’s CEO will finally be revealed! Not to give to much away, but you’ve already met this person early on in the game
  • Not in the intro, after that
  • Rhymes with Penny
  • Beating the game will unlock a long credits sequence, followed by an end-credits event, and eventually a link to restart the game with Post Game options!

System Updates

  • After taking a long look at the history of The Company’s development, we’ve decided to re-introduce a number of character stats to the game. Longtime players may remember when Intelligence was a trackable stat. That will be making a return, along with a few others
  • Strength and Speed will be added to the game, and can be increased by visiting the new Gym location
  • Intelligence is being added back to the game, and can be increases by visiting the new Library location
  • These stats, along with a new player equipment system, will all have minor impacts on various scene, but will play a huge role in the new Post Game
  • After much player feedback, we’re finally introducing some new and exciting money sinks
  • Starting in Update 6.0, players will be required to pay Ava rent on a monthly basis. Failure to pay will result in a bombardment of flavor text designed to make you feel as guilty as possible. You monster.
  • Players will also be able to adopt new pets, which will come with their own set of expenses. Pets will continue to require more expenses the longer you can keep them alive, which is generally just long enough to get attached
  • New second floor added to the mall location! This will unlock special flavor text when you’re interacting with people at the mall sometimes

The Post Game

  • Due to the success of Free Play mode, we’re excited to announce yet another new way to enjoy The Company!
  • Post Game unlocks after completing Story Mode, or finding the Secret Ending in Free Play mode, added in the last update
  • Post Game plays similarly to the main game aside from a few very notable differences
  • Saya will be a dateable character in the Post Game, even interacting with other established characters
  • Elsa, Tory, and Lauren will become fulltime employees of The Company, allowing you to freely interact with them
  • All characters, roles, and item locations have been completely randomized. Penny as your mom and Sophie asĀ  your sister while John and Ava run The Company in Sophie and Lisa’s place? Skipping straight from MCS-1 to MCS-3? Anything could happen!
  • The new and returning stats, as well as new equipment, will all play a big role in the Post Game, as several hostile entities are being added to various points in the game, as well as a new fleshed out RPG style combat system to contend with them. Face these challenges to earn various cosmetic rewards to show off at The Mall
  • In Post Game, The Mall will be repurposed as a new asynchronous multiplayer hub! Players can check leaderboards and see how other players are tackling their own instance of The Company

It’s not just the new update to look forward to! There are a number of upcoming ventures that we’re beyond excited to start talking about soon. As a little teaser…

  • Artwork refresh! Again!
  • The Company Soundtrack on Spotify, Apple Music and Zune
  • The Company “R-Rated” Steam Release
  • Collaboration events and special gachas
  • Jump to the Game Maker engine, what with that recent Humble Bundle and all!
  • Removal of John from Story Mode

I hope all this has everyone as excited as it does us! Let’s all look forward to a great 2022 as we chart new courses for The Company and what’s to come after. Thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

5 Comments on “Dev Blog #401 – Update 6.0 Preview

  1. Haha, its still March 31st here, but I swear, I still fall for these every time until I make it to the last few things. Keep killin’ it Westane. <3

  2. Do you have an estimated Public Release Date for the next non-backer update?

    Because that looks like there are a lot of big changes coming, and that current saves might not be compatible with updates adding new stats.

  3. that post game sounded really fun. i didn’t realize it was a april fools joke until i read “Removal of John from Story Mode”. i should have realized it sooner. the multiplayer talk should have been a huge red flag

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