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  1. Owned By Mrs. Dee
    I manage to trigger the event but Mrs. Dee doesn’t inject me with any serum to force me to stay sissy or lock me in an unlockable cage. When is she supposed to do that?

  2. You become Mrs. Dee’s pet project if you have multiple events in her office where you are either a sissy or wearing the cage. And then attend the meeting at the headquarters around October the 25th while still unable to perform due to having a limp sissy cock or caged cock.

    However, this only happens if you have NOT progressed to far with Tasha and caused her to visit during the overnight trip to Headquarters instead of Mrs. Dee.

    See Mrs. Dee in her office while unable to perform at least 3 times.
    Do not does Tasha more than 2 times, just to be safe.
    Ensure your cock is unable to perform due to being sissy or caged when you got to Headquarters with Mrs. Dee and Tasha.
    Being injected and forced will occur automatically during the ‘event’

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