The Company – Artwork Demo 1

Greetings everyone!

Today we’re release our first ever playable demo for The Company with the new artwork integrated throughout the gameplay experience! For anyone feeling a little confused about the artwork initiative, I’d recommend reading the latest dev blog to hopefully clear some things up. Before we get into it, let’s go over what exactly is in this demo!

  • Artwork Demo 1 is being released to everyone! Subsequent demos will have timed backer exclusivity
  • The intent is to release artwork demos on the months between game releases
  • The demo contains unreleased artwork that everyone will be seeing for the first time ever!
  • The first demo is short, lasting only until just before the lab incident event on Wednesday
  • You can dose characters, however there is still a ton of missing artwork
  • In fact, while the demo has been tightened up pretty nicely, don’t be surprised to stumble across unfinished scenes
  • After the demo, players will be prompted to take a very short feedback survey. Filling this out after your playthrough would be very helpful

All that out of the way, let’s get into it!

The Company – Artwork Demo

I hope you all enjoy! It’s been incredibly hard keeping this whole thing under wraps!

3 Comments on “The Company – Artwork Demo 1

  1. This is really promising. Saya takes the prize for “Most Improved,” but they’re all full of character.

  2. Very ambitious, and great quality!
    Curious on how the scene art will turn out 🙂

    Though…not a fan of the new Tasha, lacks some…finesse IMO.

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