Dev Blog #137 – Inventing Ava

Greetings everyone!

It’s been a pretty busy year, but I think we’ve managed to pump out a pretty decent amount of content as well as paving the way for even more down the road. Today, I’d like to share some of what’s to come in the immediate future!

Update 5.1 – What to Expect

The next content update for The Company is nigh, and with it comes the remaining MCSX endings for Ava. These include the “Mommy Bride”, “Tightest Family” and “Maniacal Matriarch” endings, as well as some extra content for the non-futa Maid ending. This update focuses almost exclusively on this content, as well as a whole slew of bug fixes.

The “Mommy Bride” and “Tightest Family” endings will offer much more loving alternatives to the endings added in Update 5.0, while “Maniacal Matriarch” may arguably be the darkest of Ava’s possible endpoints. Much of the new content is also contingent on Dakota, so while it doesn’t directly center around her, expect to see a lot of new events featuring her!

Update 5.1 is expected to drop sometime around the end of the month, though due to personal circumstances this is something that’s slightly in flux at the moment, and something I’ll definitely be keeping everyone up to date on. Major delays are unlikely, but I wouldn’t rule out a short one. To help counteract this, Update 5.1 will also act as something of a showcase for my writing partner, Elizabeth Violet. Whether you know it or not, you’ve all surely enjoyed a number of scenes she’s contributed to The Company. This update in particular will feature an even larger wealth of her work, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Moving Out

The 5.X development cycle is dedicated to updating and filling out the breadth of content in The Company, which means updating out of date characters like Diana and Tasha, completing unfinished serum routes like Penny and John, fleshing out major systems such as The Pit, and adding not-yet-implemented content such as interactions with the store clerks and interactions with Chris, all before finally capping off development with the implementation of Chapter 5 and the various epilogues. I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but that’s the idea.

As such, Update 5.1 marks the end of focused content development for Ava and Dakota, and home content in general. That’s not to say that Ava and Dakota won’t receive additional content through interactions with other characters in the future, however they themselves will be considered “Content Complete” with the release of this update. I plan on dedicating one last update to tying up any loose ends when it comes to dialogue and mechanical consistencies, but after that we’re going back to the office!

After wrapping up home content, the next focus will either be on Diana or Tasha, and I would expect a community poll shortly after Update 5.1 drops to see what everyone would like to see come first. Beyond that, we’ll look ahead a little farther once we’ve started in on the next update. Additionally, I’m expecting to drop the next artwork demo towards the end of next month, featuring the first pass on the MC as well as more content showcasing Ava and Dakota. Maybe even a few lewds?

That’s it for this week. I’ll continue to update the community concerning the Update 5.1 release date as well as all future content. As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

5 Comments on “Dev Blog #137 – Inventing Ava

  1. Speaking of Ava and her routes, their arrangement is currently a bit illogical — the “Tight Household” stage is something that feels like a natural setup for the family sub-branch(es) but instead it sends you down what’s effectively Ava-only path, leading to a situation where you get Ava talking a lot how she wants her family to act more open sexually with each other, but then freaking out as soon as any such acting out actually happens.

    It’d make quite more sense if either the “Tight Household” and “Free Love” were swapped on the route map, or if there was option to move from “Tight Household” to either “Free Love” or current “Morning Wood” stage when selecting next dose, with route map left as it is.

    On semi-related note, given characters’ personalities i feel there’s a missed opportunity for extra branch for Dakota — that is, if Ava is on the “Loving Mother” routa and if the player doesn’t shut down Dakota’s dominant streak but instead encourages her to have more strap-on fun with MC, you could have “Dommy Sister” path where she acquires the Strange Strapon and starts to call the shots in the relationship, potentially leading to “Maniacal Sister” MCSX ending where she takes over the household, using collar(s) on whoever isn’t willing to go along with it.

  2. Just piping up to express my agreement with hoge above. As much as enjoy Ava and Dakota, they are my favorite characters to interact with, I’ve long thought them to be either underutilized, or as hoge pointed out, reach conclusions that seem to run rather counter to the expected outcome of a given dose.

  3. Seconding the wish for the option to give Dakota the strange strapon – or buy it herself, if she’s already on a dom path and the player doesn’t beat her to it by a given checkpoint! Having her take over the entire household would be a fitting option for the character.

  4. As we are going with wishes… :p

    When mc got pregnant, it can’t grow penis anymore… could be a nice thing for like… a dominant mc to use the strange strapon, having the same resultat as Ava.

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