Dev Blog #138 – Surface Pressure

Greetings everyone!

After what I would consider to be a few successful successive releases we were bound to hit turbulence sooner or later. Alas, in the midst of having to uproot my household again among other things, development on the next update has not escaped unscathed. It’s not all bad, though, so let’s get into it!

Update 5.1 – Give Love a Chance

Let’s just rip the band-aids off and get into the unfortunate news first: Update 5.1 will be slightly delayed, releasing to backers on July 7th. Additionally, the Maniacal Matriarch MCSX ending is being pushed to Update 5.2, set to release in August along with the final round of Home content streamlining.

Maniacal Matriarch is an ending that needs a bit more attention than the others being added in Update 5.1. What’s more is that it doesn’t really fit thematically with the rest of the update, focusing on Ava’s happier “good” endings. The good news is that this is the only major content being added in Update 5.2, meaning that this delay won’t cause compounding issues in the future, and that proper time can be given to developing that particular content line.

As for Update 5.1, the Tightest Family and Mommy Bride endings will finally be making their debut, along with a slew of various events and scene alterations to accommodate them. Additionally, the non-futa Ava Maid route will be getting shored up content-wise, and a whole bunch of bugs and issues are getting addressed with this update as well. We’re also adding the incredibly exciting option to disable autosave to speed up gameplay! …Okay no but really there’s a good amount of content.

Scratching the Surface

With Ava and Dakota’s content coming to an end, I’ve received a bunch of comments from all directions that all convey the same sentiment: Why are we moving on from Ava and Dakota when there’s a veritable GOLDMINE of content to be harvested!? This is something I plan on dedicating a whole devblog to next month, as I think it’s definitely something worth talking about. For now, I just wanted touch on it a little before diving in deep. So, to everyone who thinks I’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to content focused on Ava and Dakota…

Well… Yeah… You’re totally right.

At risk of repeating myself in the next devblog, and I’ve said as much on Discord, I could have easily designed this entire game around Ava and Dakota with a near-bottomless well of ideas to pull from. It certainly would have been easier! That said, it can be easy to forget that Sophie, Penny, Tasha, Diana, Kagney, John/Chanel, and even side characters like Chris, Elsa, and the mall employees are all missing various amounts of content. For The Company, the decision was made to go wide and shallow, and if I may say so I don’t think the content is all that shallow!

I’d love to give every character a full game’s worth of content, but at the end of the day, that’s just not feasible.

That’s all I want to say about it for now, until the big post next month, but I wanted to take a time to ensure people that their comments aren’t being ignored!

Ask Me Anything… I Dare You!

Finally, I wanted to finish the post by announcing another Discord AMA set to be held in August! These are always a ton of fun, and this particular event happens to fall on The Company’s 5th anniversary, so you won’t want to miss it! More details to come next month, so stay tuned.

That’s it for this week. As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support.

7 Comments on “Dev Blog #138 – Surface Pressure

  1. Damn, I came back specifically for the Manaical Matriarch ending. (Can’t stay subbed 100% of the time because of finances) Big rip. -,- Ah well, more waiting I guess.

  2. This game used to be amazing when it had horniness meter.There we’re a lot more actions you could perform in general but especially in the kitchen and living room, I thought by now the combinations of what you could do would be great by now but unfortunately this is more story than action

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