The Company – Update 5.2 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.2

Update Summary

Update 5.2 sets to finalize home content, adding in Ava’s “Maniacal Matriarch” MCSX ending and squashing any last minute bugs.

General Updates

  • “Maniacal Matriarch” MCSX ending has been added to the game. Initiating this ending will act as a true “ending” to the game, so it’s advised to save prior to using the MCSX serum on Ava.
  • Accessing this ending requires you to go down Ava’s “Free Love” serum route, taking the “Dommy Mommy” path further down the route
  • While effectively ending the basic player experience, this route offers new content and and scenes to experience. The loop will never break, so keep that in mind

System Updates

  • Ava’s MCS3 and MCSX serum tier options have been streamlined
  • Several new or higher quality images have been added to the game’s media


  • Fixed Dakota’s morning location display
  • Fixed several typos, formatting bugs, and syntax errors
  • Fixed broken links on title screen
  • Fixed issues assigning Ava morning tasks on applicable routes
  • Fixed pathing issues surrounding John’s “Dom John” route
  • Fixed missing images for Kagney and Tasha

15 Comments on “The Company – Update 5.2 – Release Notes

  1. Keen for a better ‘paper doll’, liked the original one much much better than the current one, also more ‘lab rat’ transformation for Penny. Not keen to play again until the paper doll gets an overhaul with more clothing options.

  2. How do I get mom and sister to walk around naked at the same time. Moms easy but I have only found the sister route once and I don’t remember what I did.

  3. I actually have a question, why is that a lot of the routes require you to be either submissive or have another character be dominant?

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