August 2022 – AMA Recap!

Greetings everyone!

Our latest AMA event was our biggest yet, and over the course of nearly two hours we collected and (mostly) answered 96 questions submitted by our community! Below you’ll find a recap of the entire Q&A session, as transcribed and compiled by our community manager, Haseo.


1. What’s your favorite character in the new art?
– Penny and Sophie

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms?
– [Cinnamon] Toast Crunch

3. Can you give an outline of Tasha’s new routes?
– [Similar to] Dakota base. Ava’s is far too [complicated]. Main themes are Making Tasha Sweet and Loving/Submissive or Accidental Dom. Very cute like. You will be able to make Tasha [biologically female]

4. Which Character is your favorite to work on in terms of creative freedom?
– Penny. Penny is best girl and she’s super adorable

5. Is there any plans to show what happened to the college person after the MC tested their first suggestion drug on them? They deepthroated the dean and when the drug wore off, they ran off and were never heard from again.
– Westane forgot so probably not. Maybe? Possibly

6. Are any plans on changing/improving the drawings of the characters to show their pregnant status (I.E if you knock them in [October], see their belly slightly swollen by [January])?
– Yes and No. Pregnancy will not reflect in real time. Epilogue only

7. Are you planning to add more characters or do you think you’ve pretty much reached the maximum, and just need to flesh them out? And if you do plan to add more characters, will they be more diverse?
– Cast is complete. Adding more is not possible anymore due to the story outline already being finished. No room for more characters.

8. When Elsa was in production, you had several [options on] the poll for the cousin, including a shy, Femboy cousin.
Is there any plans to introduce either that character, or a similar one down the line? Femboys are the lifeblood of America.
– NOPE [But I was really pulling for that one to win!]

9.Others may not be interested, but I’m very into the TFM serums and would like to see more (especially with Penny testing them on herself). Will there be more content with that, and hopefully art/images to go with?
– Yes!

10. Do you plan on releasing final version in the near future?
– Yes! The final days will have a Chapter 5 and Mainline endings (Story) followed by 1-2 Epilogue Endings. Depending on artwork, 1.0 will also have a final release

11. [I’ve] been following and on/off supporting this game and the only question I can think of is; do you believe it’s possible that PC transformation might be expanded? I know the system is fairly set seeming but transformation of the PC and other cast members is my favorite part of play!
– No. Game is already full. More will break the game and Westane

12. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
– What do you mean? African or European swallow?

13. If you could dose one person in your personal life, who would it be? Doesn’t have to be lewd.
– His boss or cat

14. Will Ava in Maniacal Matriarch route buy herself the strange strapon?
– Strange strapon not involved

15. Will Dogota get a doggirl TF in future?
– Sort of, yes

16. Do you remember Chris?
– Who?

17. are we going to get more yearly events like new years eve, 4th [July] etc?
– Probably? New Years Eve is a maybe. Valentines Day is a maybe

18. With a project ongoing for so many years, I was surprised to see there was no official path tree charts or walkthrough for the different path. Is there a reason for that? Like, from a game design perspective. Or is it just something you don’t care about?
– Yes? Westane wanted players to figure things out on his own and base everything around the community chatter. Westane doesn’t want to do all the work himself

19. Any fetish you wish you had included in The Company?
– Better bondage. Might happen with Diana.

20. How much time does the development of “The Company” take out of your free time?
– [Reasonable] hours for home life and game development. 2-3 hours a night usually for free time

21. Is there any chance of more beast stuff in TC or TC2?
– Not avoiding it but he needs a perfect reason and source for it. Adding it freely won’t work

22. will there be more femdom focus? aka watersports etc.
– Yes? Not avoiding but needs to be placed in the right place. Diana maybe.

23. What is your plan for The Company 2 about mutilation will it be replace by BDSM?
– Probably not happening. Surgery like the Pit will be a focal point. Westane isn’t into heavy violence

24. Will we have more variety in characters? Like black men and woman [Latino] men and woman ? And maybe sex scenes with [Chris]?
When you first designed this game, were you prioritizing the story, the porn, or the crime-and-corruption business sim gameplay?
– No, No, Yes. Cast is done. Company 2 [will] be more diverse. Chris is a yeah. Simulation came first. Started off with a vastly different vision. Story followed afterwards

25. For The Company can we please have more tesha stuff
– No, But Tasha!

26. Will we ever get a storyline letting us “enjoy” Julia?
– Yes! Julie is planned before Chapter 5

27. Was the movie “Re-Animator” starring Jeffrey Combs an inspiration in any way for The Company? I could definitely see the MC being an amalgam of Herbert West, Cain and Dr. Hill.
– No. Westane wasn’t thinking about it. [Cat dead. Details later.]

28. What is Westane’s view on NTR, Cuckhold and its variants?
– Fine? Not particular. If it works it works.

29. When you finish this excellent game do you have further plans for a new game?
– He does! Dev Blog!

30. While the dosing pathways are locked in for ‘The Company’, how many different pathways are you intending for ‘The Company 2’? (Example: Ava starts with only two dosing options, and then splits down twice more for a total of 8 different potential “endings”).
– Content paths will [be] vastly different. A number wouldn’t correlate

31. Will there be combination dosing pathways that only open up based on different choices or how other characters are dosed?
– Westane likes them but it’s a huge issue with the Community and how they grasp that information. Probably not going to happen

32. can u do some mind control process in game game?
– In game, yes, in game game, no

33. Are there going to be any more content additions for the Ava’s wife route?
– No. She’s Content complete

34. Dicks, Yay, or nay?
– Yay?! If the [packaging] is right

35. Can Dom Futa Mommy take over the company?
– Fan fiction do your thing!

36. Will you ever add a second Strange Strapon for Dakota? Do you plan to add a dickgirl Chanel dom path? Thanks 🙂
– Logistically it’s looking like no. Dom Chanel is a possibility

37. Are there plans for us to be able to use any serums on characters that aren’t MCS/MCSX, like BMB or CMD?
– Like kagney? Yes. Other than that, Pit only

38. More sissy stuff
– Sad yeah [Fuck yeah!]

39. With Home content stated as finalized, does this mean the plan/idea for a second Strange Strap-on to give to Dakota was scrapped? It’s been a few years so I might be misremembering.
– Yes. Read above

40. Who is your [favorite] of the new art driven characters, or who most looks [like] your original vision for that character?
– Tasha and Diana are the closest

41. More feet!
– Maybe? Foot stuff is hard to write for because Westane isn’t into that

42. Would it be possible to make it so that some dominant actions fail to make you escape from a situation in the company?
– Fun idea. Might be added while clean up

43. Will you give us chemicals that up or lower Dominance just to balance the fact that most receiving acts lower dominance? And if not, will we get more male characters to have sex with as a female char?
– Game is imbalanced. No to the serums but the other avenues are very alluring and might happen there

44. After all the time you have invested developing The Company, any regrets on choosing Twine/Sugarcube?
– Yes! Twine is limited but Westane likes it because it runs on EVERYTHING. Twine might be the mainstay mainly due to accessibility

45. True end goal for this project?
– Finish it.

46. will the ending you get in the first company effect how the company 2 will start or is a whole new cast of characters including the mc?
– Whole new cast including the MC

47. Would you ever consider refactoring the event system so it’s (more easily) open to modding?
– Yes for The Company 2. TC is not feasible without rewriting the entire game

48. Is it possible to undo using a serum on one of the characters
– No because it goes against the theme of the game and the choices you make. Choices need to matter

49. Will there be more futa/trans transformations or serums?
– No. Maybe?

50. Any direction to weight related fetish going forward?
– No. The Company 2 might have it

51. Any plans to turn Tasha into a real woman to secure a harem route?
– Yes! But it’s still harem without that

52. Will we ever be able to dose Ms. Ann?
– Spoilers! But not like other characters

53. When can a game like this be [considered] finished?
– When the credits roll

54. Will there be an ending that you will be able to marry Dakota?
– Epilogue is not settled. Allusion will most likely happen

55. How hard is it to build a game like “The Company” in terms of the technical capabilities/limits of coding engine you’re using. I’m more curious about how, “how hard would it to build a game like this myself”
– Twine is fantastic with visual looking content. There are strong limitations but it depends on your experience with [JavaScript]

56. will [Lenny] marry all our men though
– Lenny will marry everyone and everything

57. What adult games do you follow/play/have an interest in?
– Snow Daze was great. Summertime Saga as well. TFGS community has dropped off a bit. Not current with active HTML projects

58. When will the next update be released?
– August [October for 5.3]

59. The Company NFT’s when?
– NO [Just kidding, there’ll be more information when the Battle Pass drops next month!]

60. Will Haseo ever promote his own game?
– Never!

61. You mentioned only a possibility of more bestiality, so up in the air any continuation of the talk about getting a dog? How come you can’t get pregnant in the submissive version of the alley scene like Dakota can?
– No dog! Dakota is far too gone on a genetic level to try

62. Dom john invading’s the household and dosing Ava and Dakota when?
– [2024]

63. Is Dakota done or are there more events planned?
– She’s done

63. Will TC2 be real-life models like the first game?
– Images by default, no. Real models will be more of a side thing so the game isn’t limited by it

64. is there any plan for more femdom/[Diana] content?
– Yes!

65. Any plans for bug fixes on the Dom John path soon? If I transition during it lots of things break or say I’m male
– Yes! He’ll get a rework

66. Will there be any non-dose romance options?
– Of course!

67. will there be any way to alter other peoples genders forcefully like [John/Chanel]
– No. Beyond Chanel, no

68. Will there be any options to willingly subject the player character to The Pit, as we see it in John’s Dom Route — or is that content always going to be something the character is railroaded into as a result of being dosed by the other characters?
– [Any content along those lines would be added as part of existing character’s story lines]

69. What lessons have you learned about self-promotion of porn games from having had to do it with The Company?
– Relationships with other devs are important

70.The Company TV series when? 😉
– Tomorrow!

71. Following @cleverlyblonde question, which celeb would you like to see playing Ava and Dakota? 😉
– Joey King as Dakota and Betty White as Ava [I believe I actually said Christina Hendrix, but fuck it, Betty White for Ava]

72. Option to give Westane headpats when?
– Always! [I just want to be loved[

73. Alright, have to know now. How tall are you exactly Westane?
– 6’4″

74. Did you see the PayPal changes yesterday that allow them to view content of websites soliciting funds through them, integrated OR just asking?
– PayPal won’t affect Patreon because that’s highly stupid

75. So with the answer about self-promotion, how WOULD someone connect with you in terms of cross promotion?
– Send Westane the DM’s! [Or Haseo!]

76. Will there be any more transformations in the future?
– Not 100% but it might be topped out with current planning

77. Will you ever consider adding in gifs, images, or video for part size changes? For genetalia, breasts, etc…
– Probably no

78. will The Company 2 feature lawyers and HR people?
– It might? Too early

79. Are you on subscribestar? They have much more lax rules and most creators of questionable content in some countries like Bestiality/Loli/Shota etc. have moved there fully or partially
– Media is scrutinized because of live action actresses. TC won’t allow him to join at the moment

80. Is possible to give birth or plan on giving birth sometime in the future
– Epilogue

81. The Company as a precursor to Free Cities?
– That would be cool!

82. Do you plan on releasing The Company 2 in the future?
– Check the Dev Blog

83. When will Elsa get more content?
– Never! Jokes aside, if it fits

84. Will Sasha stay trans?
– Yes? Tasha won’t. [Rather, the option will be there to regenitalize Tasha]

85. Will we ever get to sissify anyone else aside from our protag?
– John

86. Will TC2 feature more ethnicities, and/or perhaps international visitors or contacts?
– Yes!

87. Will there be a option to become a [futanari]?
– No. game is already coded so it won’t be changing

88. Will there be non-dose romance options?
– Yes!

89. Run into any hurricanes in NC?
– Nope

90. Will DLC or an integrated system of hot swapping image packs ever be considered?
– Already exists but not possible for online

91. Has [Wandrer] talked to you about adopting TC into a story?
– That would be cool but no [Though we do talk semi-regularly]

92. Any progress on releasing js files [separately] like discussed a while back? 🙂
– Sad yeah [Look, I keep forgetting, okay?]

93. Will the strap-on be added to any characters other than Ava and Dakota?
– No

94. Everyone is asking questions about the game. But how are you doing?
– Groovy

95. What advice would you like to give to aspiring game devs trying to make their own Twine/Ren’py games?
– Take the time to plan and then take more time to plan. Projects fail due to lack of planning

96. Any thoughts about QSP?
– Seems janky

And that’s a wrap! I highly suggest everyone who’s able to attends the next AMA, as the live answers tend to be a lot more detailed… plus the banter’s fun! We’ll also be looking into way to record these sessions in the future.

Thank you all for making this happen! Here’s to the next one!

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  1. I find it funny that one of my wuestions was 42 (because that’s the answer to the universe, life and everything. Yes I’m a nerd for ‘ hitchhikers guide to the galaxy’ and I’m proud of it.)

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