Dev Blog #140 – Tasha Time

Greetings everyone!

As the post’s title might imply, today we’ll be talking about the lovely Tasha and what kind of content you can expect in the coming updates. Not much else to really say here, so let’s just jump right in!

The Tasha Updates

Tasha is receiving a fairly substantial amount of new content in the near future, and as a result we’ll be splitting that content over two or possibly three releases depending on time.

The first update, Update 5.3, will be adding one of Tasha’s main serum paths, as well as her “No Dose” path which will allow you to experience befriending and dating Tasha without needing to use any serums. This particular path is semi-exclusive, and will be locked out if Tasha is given anything stronger than MCS-1, and will itself lock out the use of future serums after a certain point. This update will add regular access to Tasha’s apartment, earlier access to her phone contact, and will be introducing several new scenes and events including the ability to bring her home and meat meet your family! Finally, those looking to make any… anatomical updates to Tasha should look forward to this update in particular!

Mechanically speaking, this update will also retool some event ordering, specifically how you start your interactions with Tasha. You’ll know her not-so-little secret before using any serums on her, and can decide whether or not to interact with her from there. Additionally, since this update is focused on Tasha’s “Loving” serum path, some content will be temporarily removed, notably her interactions with John after you’ve made him more… docile.

On that note, Update 5.4 will be adding her more confident and adventurous serum route! This update will re-introduce her interactions with a submissive John/Chanel, as well as allowing the player to access Club Pearl without needing to be on John’s Dom route. You’ll get to see a much more dominant side of Tasha as she enters the shady world of sex clubs and public depravity, and of course she’s dragging you along whether you like it or not!

Tasha’s final update, if there’s not enough time to add it in Update 5.4, will implement her two MCSX endings, one of which will be adding her much anticipated TFM transformation state. While one ending will see Tasha’s departure from the titular company, her other ending will see her get more involved with her coworkers than ever! Players wanting more of a “grow old together” experience should follow her loving route, or just get her to like you the old fashioned way.

Scene Contest – Tasha

New update cycle, new scene submission event! Next week we’ll be releasing the details and form submission for the next writing contest. The long and short of it is that the community will have a chance to submit a scene involving Tasha. After the staff picks their favorites, the community will get to vote on the best ones, with the winner(s) being contacted so that their scene can be written and added to the game!

These are always a lot of fun and always bring out some amazing ideas, so we’re excited to see what every comes up with next week!

That’s it for this week. As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

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