Writing Contest – Tasha Update

Greetings everyone!

With Tasha’s update officially under development it’s time to open the floodgates for our new writing contest!

Like writing events of yore, the rules are fairly simple: Using the form at the end of this post you can submit a scene “pitch” that focuses around Tasha. Once submissions close on October 6th, we’ll pick the best of the bunch to put before the community who will then vote on their favorites. The one or two entries with the most votes will go on to become full-fledged scenes in the game! Here’s a full rundown of the rules of this contest:

  1. The event must be either a recurring random event that could trigger at any time during the work day, or a one-off event with set trigger parameters
  2. The event cannot add any new characters, mechanics, or items to the game, or make any significant or permanent changes to existing characters, mechanics, or items
  3. The event can be lewd or wholesome, dealer’s choice
  4. Event submissions that fit well within the established lore and tone of The Company will have a significantly higher chance of getting selected
  5. You may submit more than one entry, but only one entry per author will be considered for the voting phase
Regarding Tasha specifically:
  1. A story arc that will change her genitals is currently in the works, and any submissions that involve making this change will not be considered. Scenes should be submitted with both versions of Tasha in mind

With that settled, I invite everyone to submit their best ideas…


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