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Greetings everyone!

Earlier this week, Haseo and I spent a good part of our day narrowing down the 48 submissions to the 10 best! Below, you’ll find the selected pitches along with developer notes regarding potential modifications and considerations for each event, if applicable. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

1. Sunset Sonata

Evening, time to head home when you hear a door shutting near you as you exit the lab. Tasha smiles warmly as she leaves her office and walks with you to the elevator. Telling you about her day and how she just had a last minute call about someone asking if The Company provided futanari’s. Sensing that she’s exhausted and wanting to relax, you ask if she’d like to go watch the sun set together. That you know a perfect spot at the park, she agrees and no words are spoken throughout as she rests her head upon your shoulder. After the sun’s gone down, she kisses and thanks you for taking her here. Depends on how scenes are done, she offers you to follow her home.

2. Pants, Dress, or Skirt

PC starts as NOT FEMALE and wore a dress at least once. Random hall encounter, flavor only. PC comes meets Tasha. Tasha asks PC what it was like to wear a dress for the first time. Flavor text depends on masculinity level of PC.

3. Consoling Ava

After Tasha asks to visit you at your house, and you accept, she meets Ava. Ava seems particularly solemn at the time of the visit. After a few drinks together, Ava confesses that she’s still feeling weird about having a penis, despite being a woman. Tasha consoles her by showing her that women can be perfectly fine, whether penis or vagina. Scene is sexual with a hint of wholesome as Tasha and You proceed to make Ava feel good with both of her genitals. Possibly options for the player to either join or just watch Tasha take care of Ava.

4. Relieving Tasha

Meeting Tasha in the halls at work, she seems particularly flustered. Player notices that she seems to be pitching a tent in her skirt. Despite her embarrassment, Player can choose to either continue on their way or assist the dear damsel with her distress.

5. Penny Having Sausages for Lunch

During lunch break, if Penny is dominant + MC is submissive with a dick, Penny will stroke both the MC and Tasha under the table telling them both that they are hers tough if Tasha is also dominant than the MC will fall under the table and be forced to please both of them.

6. Family Bonding Time with Tasha

You can invite Tasha, or depending on how far you are in her questline she can ask to visit, to spend some time together. (either downstairs or in the MC’s bedroom) Things quickly get hot and steamy, the noise attracts Ava and Dakota, and Tasha ends up fucking someone.
– If the MC and Ava are female, Tasha will fuck on of them while Dakota will use a strap-on to fuck the other
– If the MC is trans and Ava female, Tasha and the MC will fuck Ava and Dakota
– If the MC is trans and Ava has the strange strap-on, Tasha, the MC and Ava will fuck Dakota
After the scene is over there is a small chance that Tasha has impregnated someone that wasn’t pregnant yet.

7. Experiments

the mc arrives at lab and finds a cup of coffee on the table. the mc smiles knowing that tasha was here. before they get unpacked, they hear a noise. going to the back of the lab, penny & tasha are face to face. penny purses her lips and asks if the mc does this. tasha nods right as penny asks what’s next. tasha details her morning routine up until they kiss. penny asks how the mc kisses making both women horny and aroused. tasha kisses penny softly but it becomes a make out. they start to moan about who kisses the mc better but are lost in the kiss. the mc sneaks out to make sure this happens again.

8. Better Than John

the mc goes to drop off something in the office when they hear “back off johnn”. they sneak closer to make sure tasha isn’t in trouble. john is looking smug and is asking tasha about her new friendship with the mc. if mc is boy, john squeezes his cock and says his dick is bigger. if mc is girl, john calls her a dyke who can’t handle a real man. tasha snaps and pushes john up against the wall and or metal files. she says the mc is the best person in her life and nobody will bad talk them. if mc is boy, tasha grips johns dick and says john is much smaller and john would never please tasha like mc does. if mc is girl, tasha slaps johns ass making him yelp. tasha laughs that it takes a woman to know a woman. john leaves angry and bumps into mc. he says “your girlfriend is a real bitch” the mc turns to office and says “shes no bitch. she’s perfect”

9. Uncaged Retaliation

A random event after the event when Tasha accidentally locks the MC penis in a chastity cage in which Tasha offers to unlock the MC’s cage.

The MC will be given a few option:
A) No thanks I’m good *ends scene*
B) Yes! *unlocks cage. If arousal is high she will offer a handjob*
C) *Sub* y-yes please *she then asks for some service in return for the key*
D) *Dom/Opportunity* Give it here! *MC will unlock him/herself and then get some revenge, by locking Tasha’s cock in return, only letting her have have the key back for sex to which she nervously agrees*

  • This scene would be slightly altered so as need to keep Tasha in chastity after the scene ends. This would cause a significant workload increase.
10. Tasha has a Huge Problem

Mrs. Dee orders you to help Tasha. The saleswoman has a HUGE problem. The Company is experimenting with a mass market male enhancement pill. They sent prototype pills to Tasha to see if she could generate sales and she decided to try it out herself. HUGE mistake. If she’s a sub, you can persuade her to show you the issue. If she’s a dom, she just whips out her cock.

It’s ROCK HARD and GIGANTIC. And no matter how much she masturbates, she can’t cum. She’s in pain. She NEEDS to cum! Company lab techs think her best hope is to stimulate her cock while drenching it in another person’s saliva. The saliva should dilute the pill and allow her to cum. Cum enough and the pill will wear off. DOM VERSION: So suck my cock! SUB VERSION: So please suck my cock.

If MC agrees to help, MC provides a long session of blowjobs and cum swallowing and/or face painting. Tasha needs to cum 10 times to get back to normal and blows a huge load every time. MC leaves full of cum or drenched in it or both.

And that’s all!

The link to the public voting form will be posted below, and all patrons will have access to their own voting forms to account for backer level voting weight. You’ll have until next Tuesday, October 18th, to cast your votes, with the highest scoring pitches being made into events for the game!

Vote for your favorites HERE!

Good luck everyone!

3 Comments on “Community Event – Random Event Voting

  1. Heyo, glad to see one of my suggestions get in, but I wanted to clarify something on uncaged retaliation; the idea was that after getting caged, the scene would end with her back in possession of the key so she could unlock herself, didn’t think you’d try and put in a caged Tasha status, but I’m all for it! Just wanting to put it out there that it could be just back to the normal status quo if the caged Tasha rework would be a bit much

  2. Man, Westane just keeps making this game worse and worse. Someone has is a closet case and thinks dudes with tits can hide it.

    Of course no option to REMOVE Tasha’s penis, because that wouldn’t enable the closet gay fetish without admitting the attraction to penises.

    Look, Westane, if ya wanna get f├╣cked up the ass, just go to a gay bar, or ask a random Dom woman to peg ya. No wonder ya miserable. Can’t even admit the truth to yaself.

    True story Westane, this game has gone way, WAY downhill since you modified virtually the entire game to be more ‘ PC ‘. People play fantasy games to escape reality. Enjoy fantasies, albeit vicariously.

    And the new ‘ art style ‘. Jesus, dude, my youngest kid was drawing better pics in preschool.

    Bright side, the bottom is oh, oh so close. Have to eventually bottom out, or go up, right?

    • Nadda means nothing, which is what Nadda’s commentary is worth.
      Zip. Zero. Nadda. Nothing.
      The game is good.
      And while the choice to fully feminize Tasha would be nice, not being able to do so does not take away from the game.
      I look forward to the next Public release and to more Tasha, however she develops.

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