Community Event – Tasha Scene Submission – Winner!

Greetings everyone!

After tallying up the votes, a winner has been decided! Congratulations to TimothyDG for their winning “Bonding Time with the Family” event! We’ll be reaching out to you via your preferred contact method this week to go over details, and your event will be fully realized and added into the game as a repeatable scene!

Thanks to everyone who participated this round. We go some really great scenes and the voting was close!

3 Comments on “Community Event – Tasha Scene Submission – Winner!

  1. Nice! Any possibility that the morning BJ event with Tasha could change with a high enough dominance? Like, if you are totally her sub, you shouldn’t need to be caged or impotent for her to force herself on you.

  2. The idea of Tasha, Trans MC, and Demon Dildo Mom running a train on Dakota is *so much hotter* than what I came up with. Congratulations to the winner, it’s a deserving winning entry for inclusion into the game.

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