The Company – Update 5.3 – Release Notes

Update 5.3 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.3

Update Summary

Update 5.3 adds Tasha’s redesigned serum route to the game. This update allows players to explore the “Loving” path of her route.

General Updates

  • Tasha’s serum routes have been completely remade
    • Currently, she only has a single route
    • You can also choose to interact with her without using serums. Her no-dose route will trigger after 14 days of game time with an event after work. You will have had to trigger her gender reveal event first.
  • Tasha’s gender reveal event now happens the first time you try to use a serum on her, and will not consume the serum
  • Tasha’s Apartment has been added to the game
    • Once unlocked, you can choose to go there in the evening when leaving work once every three days
  • Several new events added to the game, including a number of naughty office encounters, and the ability to invite Tasha over to your home for the day
  • New conversations added for Tasha
  • Once Tasha’s Affection is above 1, you can give her headpats in her office
  • You can now call and text Tasha

System Updates

  • Added new/updated images for Tasha
  • Added new playtime tracking


  • Several syntax and grammar fixes

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