Dev Blog #142 – What Is Love?

Greetings everyone!

With what’s likely to be 2022’s last dev blog, let’s take a minute to talk about what’s coming down the pipe, both short term and over the course of the next year!

Update 5.4 – Tasha’s Wild Side!

Obviously, the first thing everyone will be getting their hands on is the upcoming Update 5.4, focusing on Tasha’s more confident, carefree serum route. This will introduce a number of new scenes and situations where Tasha will be inclined to take the lead, including reintroducing the scenes between her and John once John’s been dosed to be a little more… agreeable. Aside from a bunch of new random and fixed events, and conversations, this update will also add Club Pearl to the game without needing to go down John’s dom route! This includes the scenes involving Tasha that were part of that route, as well as some new ones.

Additionally, Update 5.4 will see the implementation of the new Affection and Corruption mechanics, which you can read about in the recent dev blog. Ideally, this should make the whole system both easier to read, and easier to understand. The first iteration of this system will ship at “at least” all of Tasha’s options available.

Finally, this update will be adding the winning scene from our recent community event! TimothyDG’s “Family Bonding” event will be available as a new day trip each weekend, and was a lot of fun to put together.

Oh right! I guess I should also mention that, barring any catastrophic disasters, the update will be dropping for backers on Thursday, December 29th, with a public release following in January.

Art Demo 6 – Coming Soon!

Um, yeah, info in subtitle! Moving on…

Okay, okay… Yes, Art Demo 6 is set to launch for backers next month as well, which will also see the release of Art Demo 5 for the public. Art Demo 6 (AD6? Does that work? I don’t love it…) will feature new interactions with the MCs, new designs for John and Julia, new spicy artwork for Diana, and more! The design process has been a blast, and I can’t wait until the artwork demos are just “the game”.

Speaking of, there have been a few comments asking when that’ll actually happen. Conservative estimations tell me we’ll be there towards the end of next year, which really isn’t that far away. Once we get to a point that enough of the media in the game can be adequately represented by artwork without leaving too many gaps, the game will be redesigned accordingly. Players can expect the option to play with either a live media pack (what the game offers currently) or using the artwork which will be labeled as the default option. The idea is that players will be able to switch between a live media pack and the artwork at any time in game, which can be fun to see how differently any given scene might play out!

Life After Tasha

After Update 5.4 will be Tasha’s final update, featuring her MCSX endings and the ability to permanently change her biology. This content will see reimagined versions of several scenes in the game, as well as a bunch of brand new ones. It’ll also provide a concrete resolution to the never-ending debate on Discord concerning… anthropomorphization.

With Tasha squared away, that leaves us with the runner-up in our last voting event – Diana. Much like Tasha, Diana will be receiving a completely revamped serum route with branching paths and entirely new content. With Diana’s personality pretty well established, her serum routes will be focusing on themes of espionage, BDSM, and elements that appeal to players looking to pilot a more submissive MC. I would expect Diana’s update cycle to run 2-3 updates before moving on.

Looking even further ahead, we’ll be finishing off Penny and John’s content, home visits and all, giving Julia and Chanel something (and someones) to do, unfucking the escorting, coin shop, and pit systems, and giving players something (and, again, someones) to do at the shopping mall! It won’t be long before Chapter 5 is finally upon us!

Another Year in the Pit

What a year it’s been! It’s weird thinking next month is January, as it still somehow feels like LAST month was January! There’s a lot of awesome content on its way, be it in the form of new scenes, new artwork, and even entirely new projects! Here’s a great holiday seasons, a great 2023, and the greatest community!

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