The Company – Update 5.4 – Release Notes

Update 5.4 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.4

Update Summary

Update 5.4 adds Tasha’s more confident and outgoing route to the game, opening her up to spicier interactions.

General Updates

  • Tasha’s “Outgoing” route has opened up, starting with the option to “Develop her exhibitionist side”
  • This route allows existing content to return to the game, as well as opening up several new scenes and events
  • Club Pearl has been added as a location, unlocked via Tasha’s outgoing route
  • When you visit Club Pearl there’s a 50% chance Tasha will be there, unlocking an alternative event
  • Community Event “Family Bonding with Tasha” has been added to the game. You can invite Tasha over on the weekends to initiate the event if you’re actively having sex with Ava, Dakota, and Tasha
  • Add random event “Closet Kiss” for Tasha’s “Confidence” dose
  • Add random event “Silent But Horny” for Tasha’s “Saleswoman” dose
  • Add random event “Suck It!” for Tasha’s “Saleswoman” dose
  • Added “Hard Sell” random event to Tasha’s “Star Saleswoman” dose
  • Added “Establishing Dominance” random event to Tasha’s “Top Energy” dose

System Updates

  • The Affection and Corruption system has been completely revamped, now with visual feedback on characters’ current levels
  • Every new level of Corruption and Affection unlock a new short interaction with that character, accessible any time you could initiate a conversation with that character
  • Currently, these new scenes only apply to Tasha and Penny, but will expand to all applicable characters over the next few updates
  • Affection / Corruption now scale from 0 to 100, and you can earn up to 2 points per character, per stat, per day, outside of interactive events which can potentially break this limit. This means you can “potentially” max a character’s Affection and/or Corruption within 2 months of game time
  • Affection / Corruption is now displayed as a graphical meter next to character names in dialogue boxes. The intent is that this will help identify characters you can build a relationship yet, though this is currently not fully reflected. Additionally, the meter displayed will be Affection OR Corruption, whichever is higher
  • Every 10 points in a stat will update the meter, and every 20 points will act as a milestone
  • These events will use a time slot, and offer some bonus to Affection, Corruption, Dominance, or Arousal
  • The Character menu has been updated with these new meters


  • Several syntax errors fixed
  • Several typos fixed (Like, a lot)
  • Fixed dialogue errors for Chanel
  • Fixed dialogue errors for “Traitor” event
  • Tasha’s “Sleepover” dose now correctly unlocks her phone number if you don’t already have it
  • Fixed continuity issues in Dakota’s conversations
  • Fixed references to outdated serum content
  • Fixed issue preventing Tasha’s apartment from unlocking under certain conditions
  • Addressed issue with tails being referenced correctly in The Pit
  • Fixed issue allowing players to potentially skip the Christmas Eve event
  • Fixed issue preventing Ava’s “Ava’s Bride” morning events from triggering
  • [LOCAL] All major NPC’s now use the imgNPC.js manifest file, including portraits

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