The Company – Update 5.4 – Public Release

Update 5.4 has been officially released! Confused about the update number? Check out THIS post explaining the change!

Release Notes

Click HERE for Update 5.4 release notes


Play Online (Alternative Host)

Download – The Company – Update 5.4- (Contains all game and image/data files)

For additional image pack downloads, as well as information regarding image pack support, see HERE.

4 Comments on “The Company – Update 5.4 – Public Release

  1. Encountering a glitch with this update (I haven’t played in a while, I don’t know how new this bug is), where Ava and Dakota are both able to sneak into my room in the morning to molest the MC even with the door locked.

    Variables: MC is male and wearing a chastity device; Dakota is dosed to dominate the MC and at the “Bold Brother Fucker” stage; and Ava is dosed to bring men home and host orgies.

  2. For as long as I have been playing, Ava and Dakota have always been able to ignore the locked bedroom door, if sufficiently dominant to the MC.

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