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Greeting Everyone!

It’s been a little while since the last dev blog, but I think now’s a great time to remind ourselves what’s coming right around the corner, and then take a look beyond that. Let’s get into it!

Update 5.5 – Tasha Compleated

Alright class, if you’ll all open your text books to page 92, today we’ll continue our discussion on the Phyrexians’ origins starting with Yawgmoth and the Thran Empire and… no? This isn’t an MTG lore article? I’m having a relapse from my PureMTGO days? Right, right, okay…

Regardless, with the release of Update 5.5 next week for backers, Tasha will finally be content complete! As with other characters, this means that Tasha will have received all planned content that originates from her specifically. And, to answer the question everyone’s “actually” asking, yes, John/Chanel still have content coming that will still involve Tasha in some form. Of course, we’re not here to talk about “their” content, but rather what’s actually being worked on right now!

Update 5.5 offers two new lines of content for Tasha. The first are her two MCSX endings, one of which has a Corruption requirement, which can be accessed by making Tasha feel more outgoing. I’d like to take this time to remind everyone that MCSX “endings” are just that, endings, and you may find that pushing Tasha too far may very well push her far away! The second content line is, of course, the ability to finally, hm, vaginalize her! This route, which can end with Tasha bearing all new southern anatomy, will require players to NOT dose Tasha during their playthrough. I know this might be hard, but I think the payoff can be worth it for those truly devoted to cuddles and headpats!

I should also take a minute to say that, while I’m sure this particular line of content may have some people feeling a little uneasy, I’m confident that we handled the event in a way that should appeal to most parties. At least as much as can be expected in this kind of game!

Looking Ahead – Systems Update and Diana

I know how much everyone loves system updates!

While we finish planning out Diana’s next big update, we’ll be dedicated Update 5.6 to maintenance work. Specifically, we’ll be looking at systems across the game (escorting, dreams, the pit, texting, etc.) and making metered improvements and alterations where it makes sense. Anyone who’s played the game for a while can point out a number of mechanical loose-ends, and this is a good time to address those. All is not lost, however, as players should still expect to see some level of actual content added to the game in this update, through the aforementioned systems.

After that, we’re taking a long, hard, thick look at our favorite records clerk, Diana! Much like Tasha, Diana will be receiving a full content once-over, but what does that actually look like for Diana?

For starters, while her existing content will be cleaned up some, it won’t be going away. Diana’s relationship with Sophie has always been one of her more unique and compelling traits, and this update will seek to explore and add to that, even bringing back some previously removed events! While Diana will not, for canonical reasons, have a romance path like other characters, you’ll still have a chance to get to know her better, and even chip away a little at the walls she keeps up.

As for serum content, don’t expect the typical dom/sub paths as with other characters. Diana has little interest in being your bottom, even when she’s actively on bottom, and is more than resourceful enough to let herself become your bimbo slave. Instead, players can choose to dose Diana as a why to explore their kinkier sides. Players have been asking about actual bondage and BDSM content, and this is where they’re gonna find it! The Diana players are familiar with now can be viewed as her “vanilla” version, and there will be serum content built around that. Those looking to be a bit bolder in their serum usage should be willing to occasionally lose a night (or a weekend) to being tied up in her office…

March – Art Demo

It’s almost art demo time!!! At the end of March, backers will have access to the in-development Art Demo 6, while everyone else will finally get their hands on Art Demo 5.

I’m excited to say that we’re very nearly done with all the art assets required for Chapter 1 and MCS-1 content, which is kind of insane to me! I’m pretty confident that we’ll have reached that point by the end of this month, in fact, and we can finally start to tackle a longstanding project: The paper doll.

While, and I might be a little biased here, the new MC artwork looks phenomenal, there’s still the issue of the woefully outdated and mismatched paper doll system. Those playing the art demo have surely noticed that the wardrobe system has been functionally disabled, as has the transformation system. After Chapter 1/MCS-1 (henceforth known as Phase 1) artwork has been completed, we’ll be moving to rebuild the paper doll system with the new art style. I’m… tentatively expecting this to take up both Art Demo 7 and 8, however, our artist has been known to pull off some pretty incredible feats, so really it’s hard to say!

As the artwork continues to develop, I’ll have more to share concerning an official release. I want to tell everyone we’re looking at around the end of the year, but honestly, there are a lot of factors that can affect that. What I can say is that work has been constant, planned, and consistent, and I’m incredibly excited every time a new demo is ready to send out!

Once work has officially started on the new paper doll assets, you can expect to see a dev blog dedicated to it!

Wrapping Up

That’s about it for this week.

After Update 5.5 is officially in everyone’s hands, we’ll be putting out a new community feedback survey to gather data on the current state of the game. These are always a lot of fun (or at least really interesting) to parse and share with everyone, so I hope you all decide to participate! As always, these surveys are completely anonymous and, of course, optional… But please though!

With that, I’d like to thank everyone for your continued feedback and support. This game wouldn’t be half what it is today without this amazing community to develop for!

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