The Company – Update 5.5 – Release Notes

Update 5.5 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.5

Update Summary

Update 5.5 adds Tasha’s MCSX and gender change content to the game!

General Updates

  • Tasha can now have a vagina! This content cannot be toggled by default, and requires players to not dose Tasha past the MCS-1 tier. Her “no-dose” route can be initiated after experiencing her trans reveal event either through attempting to dose her or by getting the event randomly
  • Tasha’s trans reveal event can now be experienced via random events, as an alternative to attempting to dose her
  • Tasha’s MCSX endings have been added
    • You’ll need to be on Tasha’s outgoing route to access these endings
    • The ending you get will change based on Tasha’s Corruption
  • New conversations added
  • New random events added
  • Updated media in the game


  • Fixed several typos and syntax issues
  • Fixed various pathing issues
  • Fixed some image linking issues

4 Comments on “The Company – Update 5.5 – Release Notes

  1. I have played the Tasha gets a vagina route, and deliberately avoided dosing anyone else until she got the vagina.
    I then manipulated events on to the Dom John route and found that on the Dom John route Tasha has regained her cock.
    How come?

  2. It appears maybe Tasha will not change gender if her corruption is not less than affection? Trying to figure this out, I dosed her twice, then focused on improving things. Corruption got ahead and she never changed.

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