The Company – Update 5.5 – Feedback Survey

Greetings everyone!
With Update 5.5 finally out in the wild and plenty of changes having been made to the game, and plenty more to come, this felt like to perfect time to put out a new feedback survey!
You’ll find the link to the survey below. Before you start, there’s a couple things to note:
  • These surveys are VERY helpful in providing metrics we’d otherwise never have
  • These surveys are 100% anonymous. We have no way to know who’s answering what and how
  • All questions require an answer, but if you feel the question doesn’t apply to you, just pick the most neutral option
  • Have fun!

7 Comments on “The Company – Update 5.5 – Feedback Survey

  1. You should add a mode called “classic”. Where the player can choose to use the original version of how you play out sex scenes and serum options in the game. I always found that version is a lot more fun in some ways. And maybe some more Lauren and Julia content?

  2. One thing I haven’t seen in 5.5 yet is the threesome action between the MC, Tasha, and Channel. That used to be easy to access. I haven’t seen it available in three new play-throughs so far.

  3. Didn’t figure out how to give Tasha vagina. But new update is so cool! Thank you Westane! I’m so sorry I have problerms with supporting the game… ((( With all that situation in the world.

    I’d like to know is there any fandom forums or websites, or maybe fanfiction about The Company. I’m so eager to chat about the game!

    P.S. Waiting for John’s Dom update is making me crazy! I’m such submissive sl… girl ^^

  4. Whenever I send a text to Tasha she never responds. It also seems like I am stuck where I am at with Tasha’s content. Where does Tasha’s content end because I am stuck with the dates staying the same at going to a restaurant and eating spicy food or she comes over and there is a big family scene? Is this the end of content for her?

  5. I like all the new content and things I really appreciate the amount of customisation you have when making your character.

    I understand that the majority of people playing these games are cismen and most games with tfs are feminization, but I was wondering if you’ll ever add stuff for transmen. Don’t get me wrong I like most of the content, but there is a big disconnect when your character has a vagina and goes by masculine pronouns but is often misgendered if there is vaginal penetration.

    Also with the Tasha club content if you agree to do the gangbang you get a scene where it says you have a penis even if your character does not.

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