The Company – Art Demo 5 Public Release

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The Company – Art Demo 5
  • Saving and Loading is disabled for the Demo
  • Updated artwork for John, Kagney and Penny
  • Updated BG: Lab
  • Updated CG: Meet Julia
  • Updated CG: Meet Penny
  • Added New Artwork: Kagney Oral
  • Added New Artwork: Diana Oral
  • Added New Artwork: Penny Oral (Blowjob)
  • Implemented New Artwork: All home and work events through September 10th

2 Comments on “The Company – Art Demo 5 Public Release

  1. I don’t have a PC. I have played the game occasionally online on tablet. I played the new art demo and I think its great. In a way, it moves the game away from porn based. Other than “check mirror” things were really smooth. I hope the new art will find its way on to your “play online” content. Kudos for your vision on where you’re taking it.

  2. While I do think this style of art is interesting, I confess some unease, part of what kept kept me going was the picture you had used for Ms Dee, those eyes were just so Hypnotic, I wanted to see where our “relationship” would go

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