The Company – Update 5.6 – Release Notes

Update 5.6 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.6

Update Summary

Update 5.6 sets out to completely reinvent The Pit. The new system should allow players a lot more freedom with their subjects, as well as a late-game money sink, and money generator!

What’s NOT in This Update

  • Right now you can only sell slaves when you’re done with them. Previously announced alternative options are coming in Update 5.6.1
  • Many bugs from Update 5.5 have not yet been addressed. They will be squashed with Update 5.6.1

General Updates

  • The Pit has been completely reworked. No trace of the old system remains!
  • The Pit unlocks in the same ways as before, and the same characters can still become unique slaves
  • New slaves can be acquired from Craig once per day for $30,000
  • Slaves now have generated backgrounds and training histories, which will be displayed on their landing pages when you train them
  • Slaves now have still images associated with them based on age, gender, and hair color

System Updates

  • Slaves are generated with a randomly selected, and often negative, Trait
  • Traits will need to either be worked around or leaned into when deciding how to train your slaves
  • Slaves now acquire 1 XP every time they’re trained. At 5 XP they can be leveled up, to a maximum of Level 3
  • As you train your slaves, they’ll lose and acquire Willpower, Sexuality, and Loyalty stats in the background. These stats determine what possible Perks are unlocked when a slave levels up
  • Stats and perks are used to determine how a slave reacts towards different training options
  • Training slaves uses a new resource: Training Points (TP)
  • Players start with 3 TP per day, which can be increased through pit upgrades
  • Training slaves uses “only” TP, and does not cause time to pass
  • The Pit itself can now be upgraded and leveled, up to a maximum level of 6
  • Every time you generate XP for a slave, you will also generate that much XP for The Pit, which requires 10 XP to gain a level
  • Leveling up The Pit unlocks several perks, including more cell slots, high max TP, more training options, etc.
  • Slaves can now be sold directly (and immediately) from their landing page
  • The value of a slave is based on their XP, level, perks, and trait, and can potentially be extremely lucrative!

2 Comments on “The Company – Update 5.6 – Release Notes

  1. You could essentially turn this into a Gacha Mechanic if you focused on it. Though it would take away from your main work.

    Having “recruiting” being limited to once per in game day and randomly choose from a selection of “types”. But allowing the training and surgery aspect to modify the character to change. Perhaps getting a himbo type guy who when transformed into a woman is changed to the bimbo class, whereas a jock may turn into a tomboy, but by using the Mindcontrol Serum allows you to make them more submissive. Etc…

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