The Company – Update 5.6.1 – Release Notes

Update 5.6.1 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.6.1

Update Summary

Update 5.6.1 seeks to improve on The Pit, finishing some features mechanically and adding new options for completed slaves

General Updates

  • Slaves can now be assigned to “Morale Duty” upstairs in the Cubicles area
  • Slaves assigned to Morale Duty yield 20% of their sale value every week, added to your weekly paycheck
  • You may now choose to take one slave home with, being able to interact with them from your bedroom
  • Players will receive paycheck bonuses on Freeplay now as well equal to 10 * Weeks Played
  • Serum sales now has a new UI
  • Serum crafting has an updated UI

System Updates

  • The “Pit Upgrade” menu has been replaced with the “Training Options” menu, functioning the same way but having a “New!” flag when a level up is available
  • New slaves are exclusively female. Players may change this under the new “Training Options” menu
  • Players will now start with one free slave
  • Slaves must now be max level before they can be sold or repurposed
  • Confirmation scenes have been added for off boarding a slave
  • Players now start with 2 TP, up from 1
  • The first TP upgrade now yields 2 TP, down from 3
  • The second TP upgrade now yields 2 TP, up from 1
  • Values of positive traits have been doubled
  • Values of perks have been tripled
  • Unlocking a perk with the matching “Bonus Perk” grants a large bonus value. Try giving an already Submissive slave a Breeding Kink!
  • Starting Slave Value increased from $15,000 to $25,000


  • Fixed several context/syntax issues
  • Fixed issue preventing surgery adding to slave value
  • Fixed incorrect handling of slave value during perk checks

2 Comments on “The Company – Update 5.6.1 – Release Notes

  1. Bug with Pit. Can not train vaginal as all females are sent to get ‘ functioning vaginas ‘. Every time. Even if all slaves are female

  2. Nice update but there’s a glitch in Free Play mode. The first time Diana sent money, the bonus read “$Na$”, and from then on, it read as if I had no money.
    Also, is there a way to switch or sell the slave you bring home?

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