The Company – Art Demo 6 – Public Release

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The Company – Art Demo 6
  • Saving and Loading is disabled for the Demo
  • Added new orgasm busts for all characters
  • Added new Paper Doll artwork! Underwear is currently missing, all players start with 4 default outfits to try out. All hair, breast, and genital changes are reflected
  • Added New Artwork: “Meanwhile at the bar…” CG
  • Added New Artwork: Tory (Bust)
  • Added New Artwork: Tory (Gangbang, Oral, Doggystyle)
  • Added New Artwork: Kagney (Doggystyle)
  • Added New Artwork: Diana (Kiss MC)
  • Added New Artwork Penny (Kiss MC, Kiss Tasha)
  • Implemented New Artwork: All home and work events through September 20th

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