Dev Blog #146 – Keeping Some Sort of Record

Greetings everyone!

It’s almost time for the next character update, and today we’re gonna talk about it!

Update 5.7 – Reintroducing Diana

We took a short break from character content to work on The Pit, something I’m personally pretty proud of, but now we’re back fleshing out our fine cast of coworkers! With Ava, Dakota, and Tasha all essentially content complete, we’re now setting our sights on Diana! The Update 5.7 development cycle will see several new pieces of content added for the flirty records keeper, all the way through two MCS-X endings for her. We expect this development cycle to last 2-3 updates, with the first one droppingĀ next week for backers!

Update 5.7 is primarily set to lay the groundwork for Diana’s content moving forward. Most importantly, it brings her dosing mechanics in line with other recently updated characters. The result of this is that a lot of the work will be happening under the hood, but that doesn’t mean players won’t have a few new things to look forward to! This update will also include…

  • 2 new MCS-1 dose options
  • 5 new random events (not all Diana-centered!)
  • 7 new conversations (More coworker lore!)
  • New Diana media

Additionally, with the updating of the early serum nodes, players should have less trouble unlocking Diana’s more intimate moments in the office, which has been a bit of a weird logistical issue recently… We’re also rebalancing some aspects of The Pit, including a major cost reduction for most surgery options!

Once development wraps for this update, we’ll be jumping right into Diana’s MCS-2 and MCS-3 content which will be entirely new! While I’m not ready to give much away in this regard, players can expect Diana to start making good on some of her mentions of petplay, humiliation, and restraint. She’ll also be getting her own light-anthro MCS-X transformation which the community is still guessing at! All in all it’s going to be a fun few updates for one of my personal favorite characters!

That’s it for this week, look forward to more information regarding future content and projects in the near future, as well as the backer release of Update 5.7 next week! As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

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