The Company – Update 5.7 – Release Notes

Update 5.7 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.7

Update Summary

Update 5.7 establishes new serum routing for Diana in preparation for her new content!

General Updates

  • Diana’s serum handling has been brought in line with other updated characters’
  • All serums through the first tier of MCS-2 are enabled in this update
  • New Random Work Event – “Pulled Into Records”
  • New Random Work Event – “Diana Caught?”
  • New Random Work Event – “The Strawberry”
  • New Random Work Event – “Diana and Sophie”
  • New Random Home Event – “Problem Client”
  • New Random Home Event – “The Yearbook” (Ava’s Lover Route)
  • New Diana Dose – MCS1 – “Easy Access”
  • New Diana Dose – MCS1 – “Kinky Interests”
  • New Diana Convo – “Feeling Frisky”
  • New Diana Convo – “You Taste Incredible!”
  • New Diana Convo – “Regarding Sophie”
  • New Diana Convo – “Regarding My Coworkers”
  • New Diana Convo – “Feeling Sexy”
  • New Diana Convo – “Sharing Interests”
  • New Diana Convo – “This Has Been Fun”
  • New Diana Media – Add for “Easy Access” dose

System Updates

  • Several Pit Slave surgery costs have been reduced by up to 50%


  • Fixed various typos/syntax errors
  • Fixed issue preventing players from profiting off of cubicle slaves
  • Fixed duplicate pit slaves appearing in scenes together
  • Fixed issue when crafting serums preventing serum crafting even when all materials were present
  • Fixed offboarding issues if Tasha leaves office
  • Fixed image display issue with roomslave
  • Fixed image display issue with Tasha

5 Comments on “The Company – Update 5.7 – Release Notes

  1. Female slaves still can not be vaginal trained due to them getting surgery to obtain a ‘ functioning vagina ‘, which some are excited about, and some are horrified.

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