Dev Digest #148 – New Event… Event!

Greetings everyone!

Today’s devblog will be a little on the short side in comparison to our last one, but we’ve got some fun news in store!

Update 5.7.1 – Progress

Starting with our usual content update, I’m happy to say that Update 5.7.1 is on track to release to backers on August 31st! This update focuses on fleshing out Diana’s new MCS-2 tier of serum content, giving players the chance to take on one of two roles for her, both of which involving a leash and collar!

This update will launch with new random events, serum scenes, and static changes, all leading up to the eventual ability to dose Diana with MCS3! As for the MCS2 events, players will have the opportunity to either take on a new pet, or find themselves becoming one as we go even deeper into the dark mind that is Diana.

Look for release notes in the next week or two!

New Community Event!

Now for the fun stuff!

Starting next week we’ll be hosting an event for the community to get a little more content for their favorite characters. On Tuesday, August 22nd, polls will open on Patreon allowing players to vote on their favorite character from a slightly curated list of character options. After a week, polls close, and the top 3 characters over all voting tiers will each have a new random event created for them in the release following Update 5.7.1. This includes content complete characters like Ava, Dakota, and Tasha, and might be a great chance to see your favorite character get a little more love (and lovin’)!

Winners will be announced on August 29th, in a Community Update post, allowing the community to spiral into rampant speculation as to what these new scenes will entail!

Depending on how this goes, the intention is to make this specific event something we do regularly over the course of a year, with each polls winner’s getting removed from the next until everyone’s had a chance to get some new scenes.

Told you it was going to be a short one this time around. Still lots to look forward to! That’s it for this week, as always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

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