The Company – Update 5.7.1 – Release Notes

Update 5.7.1 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.7.1

Update Summary

Update 5.7.1 continues Diana’s new serum routes, adding all MCS-2 options as well as a number of new scenes

General Updates

  • New Diana Dose – “Morning Greet”
  • New Diana Dose – “Taming the Beast”
  • New Diana Dose Content – “Clerk’s Pet”
  • New Diana Dose Content – “Mistress on Top”
  • New Work Event – “Diana’s Kiss”
  • New Work Event – “Bark For Diana”
  • New Work Event – “Go Fetch”
  • New Work Event – “Walkies!”
  • New Work Event – “Suddenly, Tentacles?”
  • New Work Event – “Chanel Scolded”
  • New Diana Convo – “Feel Like I Can Open Up”
  • New Diana Convo – “Not So Bad Maybe”
  • New Diana Convo – “I’ve Had Other Pets”
  • New Diana Convo – “Don’t You Just Love Being My Pet?”

System Updates

  • Diana’s serum testing is now available from The Computer


  • Fixed error with Training Button in The Pit
  • Fixed dialogue in Diana’s Sophie Info event
  • Fixed issue with looping Diana’s serum path
  • Fixed some missing/broken images
  • Fixed several typos and context errors

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  1. I’ve found that starting from any time other than the prologue means that you never unlock the follicle stimulant – is there anything that can be done about that?

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