The Company – Update 5.7.2 – Release Notes

Update 5.7.2 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.7.2

Update Summary

Update 5.7.2 concludes Diana’s serum content path

Update Notice

Due to unforeseen issues, the community event scenes will be added through a hotfix update in the next few days. We apologize for the delay!

General Updates

  • Added three new MCS3 serum options for Diana
  • Added new MCSX ending for Diana
  • New Random Event – Diana x Cubicle Orgy
  • New Random Event – Diana x Penny
  • New Random Event – Diana x Kagney
  • New Random Event – Submitting to Diana
  • New Random Event – Diana Submits
  • New Random Event – Spoiled – Requires Ava dosed to deliver coffee
  • New Random Event – Laundry Day – Requires Ava dosed for sex
  • New Random Event – Dakota’s Bookmarks – Requires Dakota dosed for porn
  • New Random Event – Not That Bad – Requires Dakota dosed for oral
  • New Random Event – Good Timing – Requires Tasha dosed for sex
  • New Diana Convo – Such a Good Pet
  • New Diana Convo – I Think I’ll Keep You
  • New Diana Convo – If I Did Take A Master…
  • New Diana Convo – New Arrangement

System Updates

  • General description updates have been added to Diana’s office when she’s in to highlight physical changes. We’ll look at rolling these out everywhere in the future


  • Fixed some missing images
  • Fixed typos

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