The Company – Update 5.8 – Release Notes

Update 5.8 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.8

Update Summary

Update 5.8 expands the existing dream and interaction content for many characters, as well as the Cheat Menu

General Updates

  • The cheats field has been removed from the game, replaced by a new Cheat Menu. Players can pick and choose which cheats they want to use from a list before starting the game. The Cheat Menu will be inaccessible after that
  • The bedroom PC unlock has been separated from the Debug Menu unlock, and now has its own cheat
  • Additional new cheats have been added to the game!
  • 11 new dream events have been added each for Ava, Dakota, Sophie, Diana, Penny, and Chanel
  • 7 new dream events have been added each for Kagney and Elsa
  • These dreams are, for the most part, unlocked by increasing Affection and Corruption with the associated characters
  • To help with that, 10 new interactions have been added for Ava, Dakota, and Diana. These can be accessed when you would normally be able to initiate a conversation, with new options being added as Affection and Corruption increases

System Updates

  • Use of cheats is now tracked in-game to help with troubleshooting


  • Fixed issues with Diana’s serum routing

Coming in Update 5.8.1

  • Dream events for Tasha
  • Interactions for Sophie, Kagney, Elsa, and Chanel
  • More cheats!

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    • Great and understated changed, this whole time i kept a notepad of the cheats i usually use so i can copy and paste it into the cheat prompt xD now i finally dont have to do that anymore

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