The Company – Update 5.8 – Public Release

Update 5.8 has been officially released! Confused about the update number? Check out THIS post explaining the change!

Release Notes

Click HERE for Update 5.8 release notes


Play Online (Alternative Host)

Download – The Company – Update 5.8 – (Contains all game and image/data files)

For additional image pack downloads, as well as information regarding image pack support, see HERE.

One Comment on “The Company – Update 5.8 – Public Release

  1. Note sure where to report bugs so I’m just going to report here. When I get Diana to 3 corruption and choose the option toy her pussy half way through the scene I get the error, <>: error within widget code (Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause (#2): Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘isDog’)), I’m currently very submissive, and I’ve just reinforced the previous command to find a lover for diana.

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