Dev Blog #151 – How’s About a Roadmap?

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to the first dev blog of 2024! Today’s post wont be “particularly” long, but we’re all about girth over length today… er… something like that… Onward!

First, Update 5.8.1

Last month we dropped what was supposed to be a one-off update to the Dreams and Interactions content, but, a little pink haired succubus got involved and now we’ve decided to stretch that content to completion and then some.

I’ll really get into the weeds concerning what’s coming in February’s update next month, but for now here’s a general breakdown of what you can expect!

  • Complete sets of Dreams and Interactions for Ava, Dakota, Sophie, Diana, Tasha, Chanel, Penny, Kagney, and Elsa
  • A questline involving Saya
  • A way to collect Ram Coins
  • A way to recruit Elsa as a secretary in Free Play Mode
  • A foundational update for Penny in preparation for her content update
  • Bug fixes a plenty!

Deliberately shallow feature list above, but look forward to a full breakdown coming in the next dev blog! Now then, let’s talk roadmaps…

Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s January 2024, and I’m happy to finally announce what I “expect” to be to the final roadmap for The Company! We’ll update other instances of the roadmap, such as the one on the main Patreon website, in time, but for now, consider this the definitive release. As always, things are subject to change or be delayed, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say we feel more than solid on this. Without further ado, here it is!

February 2024

  • Complete Dream/Interaction release for most main characters
  • Saya content / Ram Coin acquisition
  • Penny baseline content preparation

April 2024

  • Penny content completion
  • John Friendship / Submissive routes completion

June 2024

  • Dom John epilogue / ending
  • John interactions and dreams
  • Remaining Chanel content

August 2024

  • Systems / Mechanics review
  • Julia content

October 2024

  • The Mall Clerks
  • Interactions and Dreams for Veruca, Ash, Lexi, and Siri

December 2024

  • Loose Ends Update
  • Chapter 5 preparation

H1 2025

  • Chapter 5 completion
  • Chris content
  • First round of epilogues
  • The Company 2 alpha release

H2 2025

  • Second round of epilogues
  • The Company – COMPLETE RELEASE
  • The Company 2 moved to main development track

*Art Releases will happen parallel to all other content

So there you have it! It’s going to be an exciting couple of years as we finally see this project reach its conclusion. It’s definitely been a long, sometimes bumpy trip to reach this point, but the end is in sight! That’s it for this week, and as always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

4 Comments on “Dev Blog #151 – How’s About a Roadmap?

    • I don’t know if it’s only a problem in the free play mode because I haven’t played the story mode recently, but the scene where Dakota, who no longer hides her relationship with the MC in the living room in the evening or in the kitchen in the morning, that scene where Dakota embarrasses the matriarch Ava makes me feel like Dakota is higher in rank than Ava.

  1. Oh BOY(Or GURL)!! Things Are Heating Up!! Hopefully The Main Story Includes an Rescue Attempt For Sophie, Ms. Ann, and Us!! Preferably By Penny and Tasha!! Dr. K and Mr. Graves and Dr. J MUST Be Conquerored!!!!! I Will Not Have My Sophie(and Others, Including My Cubs) Suffer!! Via La Revolution!! Renee(Me/MC In My Timeline/Take of the World) Shall Have VENGEANCE!!!!!

  2. Hi westane, loving re-visiting/playing The Company with each major update.

    Speaking of The Company 2 : plz consider giving the option to interaction with more Futa characters and Like unsual dildo and Ava storyline, the ability to transform some into one.

    Doing great, keep it up.

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