Dev Blog #125 – Catgirl Maids

Greetings everyone! I needed a title for today’s dev blog. I’m looking around my office, wondering how the hell it got to be as messy as it is, anxiety building… The cat starts meowing at me on my (also messy) desk for attention… My…

Dev Blog #124 – Expanding The Pit

Greetings everyone! Let’s talk about The Pit!

Dev Blog #123 – On The Table

Greetings everyone! This week I’ll be talking about The Pit, so everyone please find a partner and stay with the group!

Dev Blog #122 – Burning the Midnight Shisha

Greetings Everyone! Today’s devblog is going to be a short one as I work through the remaining update content, so let’s jump in!

Dev Blog #121 – Everything’s a Little Bit Weird Now

Greetings everyone! I’ve started listening to nightcore while I code. I’m not apologizing.

No Dev Blog Today

Greetings everyone! One of the drawbacks of a story-heavy update is that when everything’s working as intended, there’s really not much to report! That’s the case this week as I work through the new date scenes before moving into the big Thanksgiving event. I…

Dev Blog #120 – The Big Date

Greetings everyone! We’re at the point in development where we’re preparing to start in on some of Chapter 4’s larger events, and that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today!

Dev Blog #119 – November Rain

Greetings everyone! Update 4.0 is officially out in the wild and… yep… it sure is! Today we’ll be taking some time to talk about the state of the recent update as well as where the next one is headed!

Dev Blog #118 – Refocusing

Greetings everyone! I’m finally getting back into the groove of being the good kind of busy, but that’s not to say there weren’t some bumps along the way. Even still, this will be the last devblog before the next update! Today’s gonna be a…

Dev Blog #117 – To Every Thing…

Greetings everyone! The new year is upon us! Naturally, that means it’s time for me get my ass kicked by January allergens and spend every waking moment wondering if I’ve gotten sick! I think I might be sick…