Dev Blog #133 – Error 404: Devblog Not Found

Greetings everyone! There’s not a whole lot of news to share this week, but I did want to touch on a couple of quick things. That said, let’s just right into it!

Dev Blog #132 – Putting a Bow on Update 4.2

Greetings everyone! Look! I made the devblog title relevant to its content! See? Not completely hopeless! Anyway, let’s get to it.

Dev Blog #132 – Judas!

Greetings everyone! With Update 4.1 and Free Play finally unleashed upon the masses, it’s time to set our sights on progressing further through Chapter 4!

Dev Blog #131 – Feeling God In This Chili’s

Greetings everyone! Unfortunately, the seemingly unavoidable Summer to Fall transitional plague has spent the last week or so rampaging through my household, proving to be more than a little of a hinderance to work, or life in general. Even still, we’re quickly approaching a…

Dev Blog #130 – Flipping The DIP

Greetings everyone! Any of you who were able to guess what we’re going to be talking about today based on the post title alone just outed themselves as an old nerd… also we should be friends. Let’s talk about Free Play!

Dev Blog #129 – Cold Cereal and Maybe Toast

Greetings everyone! Update 4.0.3 is nearly upon us, and with it the end of the 4.0 development cycle!

Dev Blog #128 – Daddy Made You Some Content

Greetings everyone! Today we’ll be taking a look at the upcoming Thanksgiving event, specifically the new character that’s coming along with it!

Dev Blog #127 – Less is More

Greetings everyone! Today’s post is going to be short and bittersweet, with little to do with actual game development. That being said, let’s just right in!

Dev Blog #126 – Closing Brackets

Greetings everyone! We’re in the home stretch for development in this update! Today’s post will be another short one, so let’s get into it!

Dev Blog #125 – Catgirl Maids

Greetings everyone! I needed a title for today’s dev blog. I’m looking around my office, wondering how the hell it got to be as messy as it is, anxiety building… The cat starts meowing at me on my (also messy) desk for attention… My…