Dev Blog #106 – Back to Basics

Greetings everyone! Apparently, my house is right in the path of a dragonfly migration, and as I type this out I’m being treated to the persistent pelting of large insects trying to break through my office window. That has nothing to do with today’s…

Dev Blog #105 – Ava, Dakota, and Beyond!

Greetings everyone! It’s been a… hectic month to say the least… but in spite of everything I’m dead set on making today’s dev blog just a little more informative than recent entries. That low bar established, let’s get right into it!

Dev Blog #104 – There is no Dev Blog Today

Greetings everyone! This week has turned into a bit of a logistical nightmare, or to use the scientific term, it’s been one of “those” weeks. For that very vague yet all-inclusive reason, there will not be a dev blog today, so let’s just jump…

Dev Blog #103 – There And Back Again

Greetings everyone! Boy, feels like a while since the last devblog, huh? Well, we’re back today and I’ve got some great information to share concerning the upcoming Ava-focused update!

Dev Blog #102 – Cruel Summer

Greetings everyone! It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride since 3.3.0 launch, but I think we’re finally on track to getting to some truly great content! I’ve got some good stuff to go over today, so let’s just jump right in!

Dev Blog #101 – The Post and Present Update Update

Greetings everyone! I don’t know about all of you, but the last couple weeks have been something of a whirlwind for me. Playing catch-up to get an update out on time all while fixing one thing and breaking ten more in the process. I’d…

Dev Blog #101 – Moving Parts

Greetings everyone! Well, it’s officially summer and we all know what that means! That’s right, Seaside Bellona’s FINALLY coming back into rotation along with Karin’s summer skin! Now maybe I can finally be worth a damn in GW offense and… I’ve veered off course……

Dev Blog #100 – Extended Maintenance

Greetings everyone! It’s the big one-double-OH BABY! Full disclosure, I didn’t have anything prepped for it, so free artwork for everyone at the bottom of the post! Is it 2021 yet? Let’s get into it…

Dev Blog #99 – The Powers That Be

Greetings everyone! Everyone super stoked for the upcoming back end maintenance update? Does fixing antiquated code structure get you all hot and bothered? No? Well, maybe today we can change that!

Dev Blog #98 – Calling All Curtains

Greetings everyone! Not a whole lot to report today, as is usually the case at this point in development, but it never hurts to cover the basics!