Dev Blog #92 – All Dolled Up With Nowhere To Go

Greetings all! It’s been a pretty surreal few days, and it’s only shaping up to get crazier. In the interest of remaining optimistic, let’s kick back and talk some smut!

Dev Blog #91 – This is Fine

Greetings everyone! Today’s devblog is really going to be more of a rapid-fire status update than anything else, so let’s just jump right in!

Dev Blog #89 – Plague Inc.

Greetings everyone! I’ll be blunt: This month, no, this year has been an absolute health disaster in my home. My new, beautiful home that I moved across the country to claim and settle down in has turned into a breeding ground for ALL THE…

Dev Blog #88 – Creative Writing

Greetings everyone! This month sure has been flying by, right? Haha, I’ve been locked in my office writing about debauchery for weeks, hahaha! I think I need to go outside, hahaha! Ha… Hm… Here’s a dev blog.

Dev Blog #87 – Fashion Foward

Greetings everyone! Today I wanted to take a little break from talking about the next update and instead finally reveal some major changes coming to the wardrobe and transformation systems in the not-too-distant future. There’s some good stuff to cover today, so let’s jump…

Dev Blog #86 – Numbers are Hard!

Greetings everyone! I hope y’all had a good New Year’s holiday and are ready to dive back into the world of corporate smut! Today I’ll be talking, well, mostly semantics, but there’ll be a few scraps of meat in there, too! Let’s start changing…

Dev Blog #85 – Back to Basics

Greetings everyone! It’s been a helluva couple weeks over here. Last week saw the public release of Update 6.2.1, but not without a slew of new issues at the same time. It’s been, well, stressful, but I’d also like to think that things are…

Dev Blog #84 – Happy Turkey Day!

Greetings everyone! I’ve got to be honest, the last week of traveling and moving has left me too exhausted to come up with some kind of clever intro, so, let’s just get into it!

Dev Build – 6.2.013

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Dev Blog #83 – Let’s Talk Update 7.0

Greetings everyone! So, how about that poll? Guess we should talk about it, huh?