Dev Blog #73 – Filling out 6.1.3

Greetings everyone! Today’s development post will be a little on the shorter side compared to the last one. Doesn’t mean I don’t have some fun info to share, though!

Dev Blog #72 – Illuminating Image Packs

Greeting everyone! I know I’ve been talking about image packs a lot lately, and today I’m happy to finally dive into the technicalities of how they’ll actually work. Additionally, I have some news concerning Update 6.1.2’s release as well as an artwork update!

Dev Blog #71 – The Long Winter

Greetings everyone! So… It’s been a while since new content’s gone out, huh? What you may not know (or may, if you’ve experienced my neurosis firsthand in Discord) is that going through a content drought is just as anxiety-inducing for me as it is…

Dev Blog #70 – Increasing Legitimacy

Greetings everyone! Today’s development blog won’t be the longest one I’ve posted this year, or even this month, but there’s still some fun things I’m excited to share with you so let’s just jump right in!

Dev Blog #69 – What’s Next

Greetings everyone! I sure wish I had a cooler post for Dev Blog #69, but, what can you do? I think this one’s pretty good though! Update 6.1 has been out in the wild for a little while now and somehow avoided causing any…

Dev Blog #63 – What’s in the Box?

Greetings everyone! Today’s post is going to come off as a bit more matter-of-factly than others, as I’m currently working full speed on the new update. Let’s just jump right in!

Alpha 6.1 – Immersion Through Assimilation

Greetings Everyone! So… Hm, where to start… As you may recall from last week, Alpha 6.1 was meant to be a relatively simple update focused on expanding Penny’s content. It was gonna be great! I was gonna release a pretty solid update in a…

In For A Penny, In For A Pounding

Greetings everyone! With Alpha 6.0 and Chapter 3 successfully launched, it’s time to start looking to the future. That future, incidentally, will be focusing on some of the existing content in the game. Before we get into the juicy bits, however, this is a…

Character Poll – Final Results and Comments

Greetings everyone! Today marks the end of our first ever community created character initiative and… I mean… It’s been interesting! Over the last few weeks hundreds of votes have been factored resulting in the following character: