Here you can find the download links to play The Company locally on your device of choice.

Game Downloads

Download local copies of The Company. To use images in the game, you will also need to download any applicable image packs from below.

  • Download – The Company – 6.2.0 – Backer Build
  • Download – The Company – 6.2.0 – Public Build

Official Image Pack Downloads

Current Image Pack Version: v14
Recent as of: Update 6.2.0

  • Download (Mirror) – Image Pack Base v14 – (Download if you’re starting fresh)
  • Download (Mirror) – Image Pack Update v14 – (Download if you’re coming from v13)

Custom Image Pack Downloads

For more information on the creation and use of custom image packs, see HERE. Custom image packs require Update 6.1.3 or later, and are not supported for all characters yet.


  • Download – Default Image Pack (v13)
  • Download – Community Image Pack – Winners
  • Download – Community Image Pack – All Submissions

To use the image packs, your game’s HTML file should be in the same folder as the pics folder, and not inside the pics folder itself.