Community Update – Upcoming 7.0 Content Poll

Greetings everyone!

Tomorrow, November 7th, I’ll be kicking off the polls that will determine the focus of next year’s major 7.0 update. In the interest of community involvement (and me shedding all accountability for why we don’t have a Dom Dakota route yet) I’ll likely be sticking to this format moving forward, at least for a little while depending on how things go.

So, let’s get into it! Below, I’ll lay out the voting choices that will be available…


Diana will receive an updated interactive event to fall in line with those established in the Penny and John updates. We’ll also get some additional info regarding Diana’s time spent at Company HQ, especially if you choose to go down Diana’s romantic route.

  • New random events and conversations
  • New branching serum paths
    • Office matriarch?
    • Personal bookkeeper?
  • New serum-free romantic path
  • Overhaul current interactive event
  • Updates to existing content and dialogue, add Greeting dialogue
  • Image Pack support for Diana



Similar to Diana, Tasha will receive an large update to her existing content options including branching serum paths and her own interactive event. This will also set up (but not conclude) the serum-free story arc that will result in Tasha making a choice that a number of players have been asking for!

  • New random events and conversations
  • New interactive event
  • New branching serum paths
    • Will still be able to dom John/Chanel if desired
    • Devoted yandere waifu?
    • Usagimimi?
  • New serum-free romantic path
  • Updates to existing content and dialogue, add Greeting dialogue


Ava & Dakota

Full disclosure, if this one wins y’all are settling in for a long development cycle! Ava and Dakota were the first characters to receive sizable content pools, however, that was during the dark ages of development resulting in some very outdated design concepts. Both of these characters will be getting complete updates on their existing scenes and events where appropriate, mechanical cleanups, interactive scene overhauls, and more! This is also the update you’ll want to vote for if you don’t like sharing Ava with others.

  • Bring existing events, scenes, and conversations up to existing standards
  • Overhaul (and consolidate) interactive scenes to use new content block system
  • New branching serum paths for Ava and Dakota
    • Cats, dogs, maids, harems, showers, and more!
    • Dom Dakota when? Dom Dakota now!
    • Power dynamic shifts!
  • New serum-free personal routes
    • Not romantic, but will give insight into characters
  • Dialogue updates and Greeting implementation
  • General household updates


Store Clerks

Heard a couple of you wanted this one, I don’t know, I don’t really see the appeal of Siri, Lexi, Veruca, and Ash, but whatevs.

  • Expansion to Shopping Mall location to function more like Home and Work
  • Conversations and events added for all shop girls
  • Serum-free, tiered romance options for all shop girls
    • For now, intimacy with shop girls will be tired to progressive personal paths rather than serums
    • *For now…
  • Interactive events added for all shop girls
  • New mall options and events


Chapter 4

The Company’s penultimate story chapter. Chapter 4 will see some major shakeups come to the status quo, specifically in regards to the arrival and departure of some key figures. The choices you’ve made and relationships forged with Penny, John, Sophie, and the rest will all be scrutinized in what will effectively be The Company’s 11th hour!

  • But before all that…
  •  Thanksgiving!
    • Your community-voted cousin Mako will be joining your table this year… Didn’t they look different last time you saw them?
  • Chapter 4 will span from the beginning of November to the end of January
  • Quality time with Lauren and, if unlocked, Sean/Sarina
  • New story events with Sophie, Chris, and even your drivers!
  • Expect some visitors from Company HQ, including Sophie’s direct report, Lisa
  • Christmas event!
    • Don’t forget to invite a plus one to dinner at home
  • Major plot developments ultimately culminating in major cliffhanger!


Voting Begins!

The polls will open tomorrow on Patreon and run over the weekend until votes are finally tallied on Monday. Development for Update 7.0 will start immediately after John’s update cycle wraps up with Update 6.4. We’re a little ways a way, yes, but it’ll all be worth it in the end!

Additionally, I’m opening a new channel on the official Discord for discussing the voting. You can find it HERE!

I think this will be a fun one, and I hope everyone enjoys participating in the voting and discussion!

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  1. OK let me see if I got this straight mouse content for penny dog stuff for Dakota cat stuff for ava and possible bunny stuff for tasha sweet I know who I am voting for

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