The Company – Update 3.3.1 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 3.3.1

Update Summary
Update 3.3.1 focuses cleaning up the event flow and formatting of existing home content, while also sprinkling in a few new things. This update officially removes the stamina system while also addressing several reported issues from the previous update.

Content Updates

  • Ava’s bedroom interactive scene has been replaced with a new ISS event
  • Dakota’s bedroom interactive scene has been replaced with a static event placeholder
    • She will be getting a proper ISS in an upcoming update
  • Dakota is now taking day classes while you’re at work, allowing her to spend evenings at home!
    • On that note, rather than being “at work”, she’ll be attending classes
    • In the evenings, Monday-Thursday, she will be in her room doing homework
    • Some extra padding has been added to make Dakota’s room entry less bare
  • Ava can now be chatted with in her room to raise Affection and pass time
  • Ava now naps less
  • You can now change your first name in the bathroom at home
  • Initiating conversations with characters in their offices/rooms will now yield Affection gains
  • Updates TF image for trans MC
  • Removed option to nap in room
  • Saturday date event (October 21st) no longer requires Affection levels with Penny or Tasha
    • Penny must not be under John’s control and must have witnessed First Date event
    • Tasha must not be under John’s control and must have witnessed morning masturbation scene
  • Stamina has been removed from the game
    • Stamina-increasing enhancements have been removed from the game
    • The XYZZYSPOON cheat has been removed from the game

System Updates

  • Female and Trans MC now starts with makeup (again)
  • Location display handling has been updated to be more consistent and flexible
  • Backend for Ava’s new serum route implemented
    • Current serum content remains unchanged at surface level to maintain current continuity
  • Added fail safes for certain transformations to ensure consistency
  • Having breasts as a male now has a smaller impact on TF
  • Random Home and Work events will now prioritize unseen events before selecting at random
    • This will make all random events inevitable, no more wondering if the webcam event has been removed from the game…
    • Once all Home or Work events have been experienced, they will be selected at random as normal
    • The order of the events is still randomized
  • Modders:
    • Outfit and Image files now accept raw javascript objects. See new js files for example
    • This should make troubleshooting easier and formatting less of a headache
    • Existing image manifest files will no longer work and will need to be updated!
      • It’s a fairly simple update
  • Several generic images in home scenes have been redirected to character-specific images where applicable
  • Images and formatting updates made to TF Wakeup scene
  • Formatting updates in TF Check and TF Home Reaction scenes
  • Formatting updates in all exploration scenes
  • Formatting updates in Kitchen and Livingroom scenes involving both Ava and Dakota
  • Longer home scenes now flow more like small ISS events


  • Sissy characters can no longer penetrate
  • Night events will no longer trigger when not sleeping in own bed
  • Fixed outfit recognition
    • This affected Sissy and Bimbo transformations which should be fixed as a result
  • Fixed Chapter 2 button formatting
  • Fixed typos in escorting scene
  • Fixed typos in Chanel scene
  • Fixed Penny’s _out errors
  • Fixed Penny’s 0mL error
  • Fixed formatting in Dakota Movie event
  • Fixed issue with Cat Collar making penises disappear
  • Fixed issue where being a Sissy could make penis disappear
  • Fixed error with Bimbo TF at end of Dom John route
  • Fixed various event errors
  • Fixed accb and accf table errors
  • Fixed missing images and fallback databases
  • Fixed routing issue in John’s random work event
  • Fixed issue where arousal floor would prevent canceling Bimbo state
  • Fixed issue where needed serums for Penny’s October task were not unlocking, preventing completion of the task
  • Debug menu should be a little more consistent when saving changes (maybe)

13 Comments on “The Company – Update 3.3.1 – Release Notes

  1. hello i have a question, how do i ehm “un-cook” the mother? i buy the strange strappon and now i wanna know how do i remove her penis

  2. hello i have a question, how do i ehm “un-cock” the mother? i buy the strange strappon and now i wanna know how do i remove her penis

  3. I noticed an odd behavior with the game. When you are male with breasts sometimes it treats you as if you were trans but never actually triggers the trans TF scene. More than once I have gone directly from male to female while never having the trans state, but when I was male with no breasts and intentionally raised my femininity it did trigger the trans TF scene. Is this all working as intended?

  4. Are there any plans to reintroduce the sex scenes with Ava and Dakota in earlier chapters? It was a great way to improving corruption and dominance at the cost of some relationship points, while also reducing arousal level. The new system seems to require far more progress in the game before being able to have sex with them.

    Plus, the ISS changes just makes improving affection and corruption far slower than before, since each action in a sex scene used to improved each stat. For comparison, the older version where relationship level was used, I was able to max relationships for both Ava and Dakota before even finishing chapter 2. With the current version, halfway through chapter 2, I’m still at 20-30 affection with Dakota and Penny despite them being the 2 easiest characters to raise affection on. (both playthroughs were done on easy difficulty).

  5. I love the new changes replacing the energy/stamina system. It’s slower going to get people in your household to the point of having sex but the transition is a lot more believable.

    I’ve found 1 biggish error, in that having sex with Diane at work doesn’t reduce your arousal at all.

    A second minor bug is that after you go out whoring you can come home and use your phone to go out again infinitely.

    My only comment about the token system is that you need to make it more clear that you need both a token and a huge stack of cash to buy the outfits.

  6. So we’ve finally moved away from somewhat RPG-like system and more into VN-style gameplay. Kinda sad, but that’s personal preferences.
    On the topic of current update cycle: would Dakota’s Strange Strapon interactions be introduced in this update or would that be later? I remember that that content was planned, but I’m not sure the approximate dates were mentioned. Sorry if that question had been previously asked – I couldn’t find it yet.

  7. you removed the home(ava-dokata bed’s) interactivity, is there a possibility that it will come back? It was very nice to be able to do what we wanted.

  8. I have come up with a bug where some scenes don’t play, or the “Continue” button doesn’t appear, forcing me to go back.

    One is in Dom John’s route. There’s a random event where he’s fucking Penny and calls you into it. I recall John saying “Penny wants something … while I fill ‘er up”. There’s an option to accept the invitation, but the game doesn’t progress.

    The other was when playing as a bimbo and having given Ava the strange strapon, I went to her room and there were options to suck her off or ride her. Neither worked. In other routes, riding her worked, but never manage to make her cum in my mouth as a sub.

    I’ve been playing on Chrome and wondered if it is the recommended browser for the game?

    Thx in advance!

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