Dev Blog #114 – Clusterfuck 2077

Greetings everyone!

So in light of the shitshow my life has been recently, I thought what better way to try and get my mind off of things than to finally pick up this game I’ve been waiting years to play! Yep, what could possibly go… wrong… Let’s just get into this…

U up? U out? ;P

Ladies and gents, we have a fully functional SMS engine in the game! I mean, more or less.

At present, the content is limited to interactions with Ava that will vary based on her current dose state. Depending on the message you send, you can expect to have an impact on her Affection or Corruption, some funny dialogue, or even a saucy selfie. This system will soon be expanded to involve all characters as you receive their phone numbers, which in time will also include our favorite mall employees! Just like making a phone call, you’ll be able to spend a time slot to send one message, with a limit of one message sent per contact per day. The following morning, you’ll receive any responses to any messages that were sent, along with any applicable stat gains.

While all the dialogue is getting written for this new system, I’ve officially moved on to writing Sophie’s new interactive scenes! You’ll need to have dosed her from the first opportunity to unlock this during Chapter 4, but if you have you’ll be treated to a new locations: Sophie’s Condo. While there, you’ll be able to engage with Sophie in various ways based on which dose route you’ve been taking her down. Additionally, unlocking her condo will of course bring with it some new conversations and random events back at the office. Devbuild testers will be able to start checking out this content very soon!

That’s it for this week! Development will continue through the holidays though devblogs will likely remain on the short side until the start of the next year. Stay safe, and as always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

3 Comments on “Dev Blog #114 – Clusterfuck 2077

  1. If you are stressing out a lot, the best advice I can recommend is to sit down and stare at a wall. No need to fear reality, just grab on to those thoughts and ask yourself why until you find a way to accept them and let them go. These images in your head are like a dirty library, the longer you wait, the more messy and unorganized it gets. Clean the library.

  2. Nice to see more Sophie content coming along! If I may ask, are we going to see any expansion on the “Sophie’s Sissy” line, after she doses you? By far my favorite interaction with her so far.

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