Dev Blog #124 – Expanding The Pit

Greetings everyone!

Let’s talk about The Pit!

Expanding Functionality



Update 4.0.2 will introduce the expanded Pit system, allowing you to finally interact with those unfortunate enough to find themselves within its confines. You can think of The Pit as an isolated experimentation center for you to really let your inner mad scientist run free. You’ll be given access to all of the serums you’ve unlocked so far, as well as medical facilities and training areas. Use serums to make more gradual changes to your guests’ mental and physical traits, or take a sack of money and throw them in the operating room for more immediate modifications.

As time goes on, you can take your guests for a spin in one of the training areas to see how your modifications have started to take effect, either putting through their paces yourself or volunteering another one of your guests to do it for you while you take in the show.

Of course, the guests you start with aren’t necessarily the ones you’ll keep. Not only can you attempt to turn a profit on your genetically modified Company Assets, but you can take measures to go out and procure new ones as well! The Pit should be considered a late-game time sink, with the emphasis put on resource management, fulfilling requests, and expanding your accommodations. The system is being designed to be highly flexible, with new content and enhancements relatively easy to add. Last night’s development build shows off the foundation of the system, and now that it’s operational those with access should expect more frequent updates. The hope is that Update 4.0.2 will prove to have a lot to offer all players, while also establishing a new system that will be maintained regularly moving forward!

That’s all for this week! As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

10 Comments on “Dev Blog #124 – Expanding The Pit

  1. This sounds promising, but please be mindful about this.
    It is not just a time sink for lategame but likely also for development time, since its it is nigh-infinitely expandable. I dont want to tell you how to do your work but i do want to advise you to at least keep track of how much time you spend on developing this feature in contrast to all others.
    I love your work and so I hope that even if my advice is not taken, that it is not taken as an affront, but rather an attempt to help you do your best.
    Good Luck and Health to you.

    • This. I brought this up the last time it was announced.
      Don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfect idea for a game like this to extend the game into more of a sandbox after you’ve gone through the content, but it sounds like a project best left until after the development of more important bits of the game are finished. Like the story, or the serum routes that were added half-finished (Dakota/Ava).
      I’m sure there’s a good reason why this is getting added now instead of later, maybe it ties into the next chapter in a meaningful way, I’m just iffy about the fact that it’ll take what limited time there is already for the devs over something that isn’t post-game content.
      I feel like I haven’t said it enough that I love love LOVE the idea, and it’s a great fit for the game. I’m just worried that it’ll dilute development for the core features of the game.
      In any case, here’s hoping that it does have fun and impactful content and turns things on its head. I know in either case I’ll be having fun with it.

      • Remember they are a team, different people for different things… something to do while story is being written, no?

        • “Remember they are a team…”
          They’re actually not though. Westane is still implementing the majority of the content if I read it correctly. Others might contribute, but at the end of the day it’s still Westane actually putting the code into the game. One dude can only work so fast/much.

  2. I am extremely on board with that, it hits the bullseye of what I want from this type of game. Good luck with the dev.

  3. This is more of a general comment than on this update in particular, but I feel like there’s no point in having a door lock and the option to get birth control if Ava can pick locks and serum exposure makes unstoppable sperm. Just removing her ability to get through a locked door would be enough to fix this scenario.

  4. On the issue of pregnancy, since the game can be played beyond the current end-date, what would happen if it were played to in excess of 9 months?
    Would the MC or NPC remain pregnant? Or would they give birth?

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