The Company – Update 5.0 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.0

Update Summary

Update 5.0 adds two new MCSX endings to Ava’s serum route, as well as several new events and a few backend updates

General Updates
  • Due to several functional updates being made, Update 5.0 will not support save files from earlier versions of The Company
  • Ava’s “Broken Home” MCSX ending has been added to the game
    • Requires dosing Ava down the path to bring strangers into the house
    • Overwrites any non-MCSX doses applied to Dakota
    • This ending will primarily affect events around the home with Ava and Dakota
    • This is not a happy ending
  • Ava’s “Ava’s Bride” MCSX ending has been added to the game
    • Requires dosing Ava down the mental break route after giving her the Strange Strapon
    • This ending primarily affects how events play out around the home, specifically with Ava
    • After completing the MCSX events for this ending, your living arrangement will have been changed, and a new random event will unlock
  • New content has been added to Ava’s non-MCSX “Futa Maid” ending
  • New content has been added to Ava’s “Sell to Company” MCSX ending
    • New random events involving Penny and Julia will unlock after completing this ending!
  • All told, this update introduces over 14 new random events, not counting new variations to static events, as well as a few new conversations
System Updates
  • Free Play now starts the player at the first meeting with Sophie at the lab, rather than at the very beginning of the game
  • The MC will now also have a random surname given at character creation
  • Ava’s morning “visits” now have a 3 day cooldown
  • “See Dakota Masturbating” random event now only unlocks once you’ve seen Dakota changing in her room after dosing her to tease you
  • Dosing Penny to be more dominant will also add her Domme outfit to your outfit collection
  • Several passages have been reformatted on the backend for easier tracking and updating
  • Autosave now titles save files as “Chapter – Date” rather than default titling
  • Manual saves now allow for custom save file names, while also allowing to save with new default titling with a single click
  • Dakota’s MCSX “Dogkota” events now function properly, allowing you to finish the route
  • Elsa’s fertility is now tracked uniformly
  • Dakota will now join you and Ava for breakfast in Free Play
  • Maid Ava will now offer oral in the living room, even if you’re capable of fucking her
  • Fixed a number of location tracking inconsistencies
  • Fixed visual bug when texting Sophie and Diana
  • Fixed incomplete event removal when completing Dakota’s “Pornstar” MCSX ending
  • Fixed issue collecting royalties when completing Dakota’s “Pornstar” MCSX ending
  • Fixed issue allowing MC to acquire infinite “Dakota’s Bra” items
  • Fixed dialogue bug during Chanel and Tasha’s ISS
  • Fixed issues preventing Thanksgiving event from triggering properly
  • Fixed issues preventing Christmas Eve event from triggering properly
  • Fixed issues preventing Dakota’s “Pornstar” MCSX ending from progressing properly
  • Fixed errors is certain comment widgets
  • Fixed various JS issues in The Pit
  • Fixed various broken image calls
  • (local) Fixed Lisa’s imgLisa.js link

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  1. Have you done away with the Debug Menu in Update 5.0, because when I download the file it is the one for the public release?

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