Dev Digest #23 – Where We Going?

3 Comments on “Dev Digest #23 – Where We Going?

  1. where can I find the current online version with 2d art, If it exists. I can only ever find the real images version.
    Thank you

  2. Coming back to the game after over a year, and I’m loving all the Diana content! Hopefully we’ll get a version of the walking event in which Diana orders the MC to be nude the entire time. I’d love to see all the coworkers reactions to that! Maybe even the combined praise from Diana and Ms.Dee would push the MC over the edge in her office.

  3. I really like the game and while I understand that there are so many moving parts to this – I would appreciate focusing on a character at a time.
    We went to making the Ava branches and then John’s Dom route then pivoted away to The Pit.

    I don’t get it. Why not complete the Ava and Dakota branch and then finishing the rest?

    Also, now that we can have Tasha come over to our Home – Do we get others like John come over too? John’s Dom branch combo’s quite nicely with Ava’s Going out route (as does Chris’s. In fact, Ava could encounter Tasha in the club too!), as does Diana’s pet play with Dakota’s.

    Just an honest question.

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