The Company – Update 5.8.1 – Release Notes

Update 5.8.1 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 5.8.1

Update Summary

Update 5.8.1 finishes adding dream and interaction content to the game as well as a new quest line involving Saya!

General Updates

  • A new quest line has been added for Saya, involving finding several Ram Coins spread across the game
  • Interactions have been added for Sophie, Kagney, Elsa, and Chanel
  • Dreams have been added for Tasha and Saya
  • Elsa can now be unlocked in Free Play by getting both Ava and Dakota to Lv.3 Affection
  • Tasha’s transformation quest line now requires having spent your Day Trip event in Chapter 4 with her
  • Tasha’s couch event at her apartment now has a variant to account for her possible transformation

System Updates

  • Heart Meters on applicable characters now reflects maximum Affection and Corruption
  • Pit Slave perks can now have a requirement that a trait NOT be present


  • Pit Slaves with the Frigid trait can no longer gain the Nymphomaniac perk
  • Fixed incorrect anatomy references in Tasha’s Family Bonding event
  • Transforming Tasha now correctly removes WorkEvent-30
  • Fixed missing image in imgTashaPussy.js
  • Fixed broken check for Pit Slave background
  • Fixed missing Tasha interactions in morning
  • Fixed The Pit upgrading past maximum level
  • Fixed John/Chanel pronouns in conversation
  • Fixed Sophie’s green outfit should now load correctly
  • Fixed Tasha should be friendlier when texting
  • Fixed Ava images not displaying correctly during her bedroom training event
  • Fixed Diana x Penny random event now loads correctly
  • Fixed Room Slaves now have an interaction when orally servicing MC’s with a vagina
  • Fixed Several typos have been corrected
  • Fixed Syntax errors in Diana and Chanel’s interactions

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  1. Not specifily this – but i played this game a while ago and it ended at a big meeting at like head officewhere it looked like i was going to be captured by ‘bad’ people tbh i dont fully remember. I’m curious if the game has progressed beyond that- i’d love to replay it but dont want it to end in same place.

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