The Company – Update 3.3.0 – Public Release

Update 3.3.0 has been officially released! Confused about the update number? Check out THIS post explaining the change!

Release Notes

Click HERE for Update 3.3.0 release notes


Play Online (Alternative Host)

New!Download – The Company – Update 3.3.0 Complete – (Contains game and image/data files all in one 200 MB download!)

Other Downloads

Download – The Company – Update 3.3.0 – (Game and data only, no images)

Download – Image Pack Base v21 – (Please delete your existing pics directory before downloading this one!)

For additional image pack downloads, as well as information regarding image pack support, see HERE.

5 Comments on “The Company – Update 3.3.0 – Public Release

  1. Love the Angel reference with the wolf, ram, and hart tokens. Cuz the evil law firm of Wolfram & Hart would totally be doing this shady shit.

    One question though… Am I doing something wrong? Cuz I keep trying to work towards making Jon my personal bitch, but it keeps saying something has not been implented yet.

  2. First off, wow, what an amazing game so far! sure there’s some bugs and slight inconsistencies here and there, but that is to be expected from a work in progress.
    It’s only slightly jarring, having to be kinda dom-like at home in the beginning, when playing a sub character. It would be cool if either Ava or Dakota flipped the script on the MC, and perhaps dosed him with a found vial or something, just something to consider 🙂

    Anyways, a couple of days after being forcefully “bimbo modified” –
    (which gave me neither bobs or a vagine by the way, even though the text implied as much.. bug or incomplete? :D) by John and his cohorts, he comes to visit you in your room at home. But there is no way to progress, did i reach the end of that story line or was that a bug?

    Are you still looking for a writer by the way? I would like to give it a shot if that’s the case.

    Sorry this comment got way too long, I do enjoy writing and might have had one too many Redbulls haha 😀

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