Dev Blog #123 – On The Table

Greetings everyone!

This week I’ll be talking about The Pit, so everyone please find a partner and stay with the group!

Middling Management

Before we finish out November’s content, Update 4.0.2 is going to focus entirely on establishing the new system in The Pit which will finally allow players to experiment (and potentially turn a profit) on those unfortunate enough to end up down there. The system is still in very early stages of development and most functionality is still in flux, so I can’t give too many details, but there’s still enough in place to (hopefully) get people excited!

Basically, it’s FreeCities Lite.

Starting in Chapter 4, and earlier once Free Play is added, you’ll unlock access to The Pit as a means to experiment with all those serums you’ve been making! You’ll be able to use your time not only to administer serums to you, er, “guests”, but also unlock things like a training area and an operating room. Once the system is unlocked you’ll have access to Lauren from the jump, with more guests added through various means over the course of the game. Don’t worry, there won’t be any shortage of guinea pigs for you to work on, in fact there may even be some opportunity to turn a tidy profit depending on how sharp your management skills (and scalpel) are!

To accommodate this new system we’re building an entirely new engine to run it. Learning from the past, we’ll be starting small and building in such a way that we can expand the engine’s functionality moving forward. Additionally, it’s being built to support a whole stable of guests at once, meaning you’ll be able to jump around and experiment on each one differently! Building the engine in this way, it will be very easy to drop in new guests moving forward, whether they’re established characters like Lauren or Sarina, or even randomly generated ones!

As the system takes shape I’ll be sharing accompanying visuals, at least what I can get away with, but until then I’m having a great time seeing this thing in action! Administrative Specialists can expect to see a dev build either later this week or (more likely) early next week, at which point the pacing of those build releases is expected to escalate.

That’s it for this week! As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

8 Comments on “Dev Blog #123 – On The Table

  1. Sounds pretty cool and fun. But it also sounds like one of those things that probably would have fit better after the main content is done as a bit of a post-game expansion. Unless it’s absolutely integral to the story.
    But I guess laying in the groundwork now and expanding it piecemeal on the side with chunkier updates makes sense too.

    Not gonna lie, I just want more Dom Dakota and Ava.

  2. I actually have a question that’s been on my mind for a while; when we impregnate them what will happen to them later on? I think that should be implemented later on in development.

    • Question was asked in a past post. Pregnancy sex would not happen in the game. All the pregnancy will “just” change some event on the epilogue.

      That’s what they said… We will see if they change their mind 😉

      • It’s more while pregnancy can occur, the game is not currently intended to progress that far. So while female characters, including a female MC, can become pregnant there is currently no significant impact within the game.
        You just get the relevant comment of
        having not impregnated.
        having not been impregnated.
        already impregnated.
        Depending on the situation.
        It should be noted that Ava with the ‘unusual’ strap-on turned shemale cock can still impregnate a female (or fully m2f) MC even if the MC has current and active contraceptive injection from Julia.
        But, again, the actual in game time-line is to short for any effects such as birthing.
        Though it’s not impossible for that to change with future updates I guess.

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